5 Awesome 4th of July Travel Ideas


The 4th of July is a time to celebrate as it marks the anniversary date of when the United States became independent, which is why the 4th of July is called Independence Day. And you will want to make the most of it by traveling to the best places to celebrate the 4th of July because you can have such a fun time with the family. And it does not matter if you are single, or are in a relationship with someone, you are married with no kids, or you are married with kids. There is fun for everyone, which includes you.

Let’s now look at the five awesome 4th of July travel ideas that you will love to know about:

New York City

One of the best places to travel for experiencing the fun 4th of July celebrations is in the Big Apple. You can enjoy watching the craziness that happens at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, while you are experiencing plenty of sunshine, activity, and then taking a stroll on the Coney Island boardwalk. You can also spend the evening going to the East River in Brooklyn or to Manhattan to watch the 4th of July fireworks that happen for a half hour and you and your family, if you have one will have so much fun doing so.

Key West, Florida

This is for those that really love key lime pies as you will not want to miss the Key Lime Festival that happens in the well-known island of the Florida Keys which is Key West. There is even a key lime eating contest if you dare to participate in it, and if not, there are also fun things to do in Key West such as going on scavenger hunts, tastings, cooking classes and more and you will also enjoy the 4th of July fireworks at night! This is a fun destination for the family as well.

San Francisco

One of the best 4th of July travel ideas is in San Francisco in California. Not only will you enjoy listening to the live music playing at the waterfront whether it is at Fisherman’s Wharf or near Pier 39, but later in the evening, you will be able to enjoy some fantastic and spectacular fireworks that will be going off. You can also enjoy some sightseeing when you take a boat ride as well which is offered throughout different times of the day.


Ah, Seattle, another coastal US city that you will want to check out one year on the 4th of July. You can enjoy the cool fireworks that happen that night in the city where Starbucks, grunge, and other amazing things. You can go and enjoy the Seafair Summer festival which features many great food vendors that you would have fun trying out as you can check out a variety type of foods from different cultural cuisines. Just be sure to bring an umbrella if you go because Seattle can be rainy but it is well worth the 4th of July trip because you will have a lot of fun there since so much is offered during that holiday time.

Charleston, South Carolina

If you like the southern culture, then you will want to go to Charleston. It is a busy city especially during the 4th of July holiday and you will not want to miss the amazing fireworks that go off during the Fourth of July Firework Bash which is one of the best around. You can enjoy the live music that is playing at the Mount Pleasant’s Uncle Sam Jam which happens every year as well. And if you are taking kids along, don’t forget about the South Carolina Aquarium that is in the city that they and you will enjoy.

Now that you know about these awesome 4th of July travel ideas, then you have no reason to be bored during that holiday. Go choose one these places to go so you can really get into the 4th of July spirit. There is nothing better than listening to some good live music, eating good food and watching spectacular fireworks that will be going off on that special night!

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