Are Camera Tripods Worth Buying?

Finally, you think your kit is ready and complete, then a friend or colleague tells you about another gadget or piece of equipment that you are missing. This is true with any hobby, not just photography, and there are so many pieces of equipment available for hobbyists and professionals that it can feel never-ending. 

What do you actually need to have in your photography kit? Sometimes it is hard to know what exactly is worth buying and what will gather dust. Let’s get rid of the confusion, here is a list of the most important photography equipment you need in your kit;

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A Camera Tripod 

Regardless of the types of photos you like to take, a good quality tripod is always useful. Tripods aren’t as heavy and hard to take from place to place as they once were. 

We recommend going for a carbon fiber tripod stand as they are super durable and lightweight. Carbon fiber tripods can handle being knocked about and are designed to last you for years. Check out this review on the 10 best carbon fiber camera tripods and see what all the fuss is about


Choosing a camera that is comfortable for you to use is more important than anything else. Smartphones these days have amazing cameras, but they aren’t quite right for photography. 

Think about the weight of your camera if you plan on taking it into the country or on long walks. Make sure the camera is waterproof if it is going to be exposed to rain or maybe you need a night vision camera for late-night photo shoots. These are all things to think about. 

Lense Cleaner 

Using the wrong camera lens cleaner will lower the quality of your pictures. Using something other than a lens cleaner could even ruin your camera lens. Rubbing the lens with inappropriate cleaning solutions or cloth may cause scratches and stains. 

External flash 

You aren’t always going to need to use a flash, but at some point you will need to and the built in flash is simply no good. External flashes are much better, try it for yourselves!

Camera strap 

Good old camera strap, you won’t know how much you need it until you are left carrying your camera for hours. If you have a heavy camera, go for a strap that goes across your body so that you don’t feel the weight as much.  

Batteries or charger 

Great for on the go! If your camera doesn’t need batteries, invest in a charging block. Charging blocks need to be charged at home, once they are charged, you can take them out and charge your camera without needing to have a charging socket. 

These are the most important camera kit items, but you can add to it according to your needs. Don’t rush into making fancy kit purchases as once you have the above items the rest can wait!

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