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A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that focuses on the bass frequency of the music that a person is playing. The first subwoofer was created back in the 1960s, but they have come a long way since that time. When they were first developed, the subwoofers were used for home stereo systems, but now they are used for home theater systems, PA systems, sound reinforcement systems in nightclubs, and car audio systems.

Many people decide to install subwoofers simply because they want to hear that rich bass sound as their music or movie is playing in the background.

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Rockford Fosgate P3D4-15 15-Inch Peak Subwoofer

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This 15-inch subwoofer now features anodized aluminum cones and dustcaps, plus spider netting to keep the motor cooler than ever before.  The surface area has also been increased by twenty-five percent and the flex frame uses slots instead of single screw holes when possible.

What We Like About It – We like that the aluminum dissipates the heat and keeps the motor cooler than many other subwoofers.  These speakers will also handle the continuous demand of many people without the coils becoming damaged over time.Pros

  • Aluminum cones prevent the motor from overheating
  • Twenty-five percent larger surface area
  • Slots in flex frame can be used instead of screws
  • Can be used continuously without the worry of damaging the coils


  • Not as loud as the older model

Power Acoustik MOFO 15-Inch Competition Subwoofer

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The aluminum reinforcement fins and dustcaps include a patent pending heatsink to keep this car subwoofer from overheating with continuous use. There are 3000 maximum watts with 1700 watts RMS for the ultimate in bass listening. It is recommended that everyone has these installed professionally, so that they get the best performance possible.

What We Love About It – We like that this 15 inch subwoofer is made from aluminum, so that it does not overheat when we use it for longer periods of time.Pros

  • Aluminum reinforcement fins and dustcap
  • Patent pending heatsink
  • 3000 watts max
  • Dual stacked magnets


Recommended to have installed professionally

Pyle PLPW15D 15-Inch 2000 Watt

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This subwoofer will improve the bass sound whether a person has it in a sealed, vented, or open-air enclosure. The large magnet and four-layer dual voice coil produces better sound too with 2000 watts max. The specially treated foam surround only enhances the bass sound more.

What We Like About It – We like that this 15-inch subwoofer can be used in any type of enclosure without the sound becoming muffled. The treated foam surround only enhances that sound experience for us, as it is louder and clearer than any other subwoofer models.Pros

  • Can be used easily in sealed, venter, and open-air enclosures
  • 2000 watts max
  • Large magnet and dual voice coils for better sound
  • Specially treated foam surround enhances the bass sound in a clear way


  • Voice coils do not seem to last as long as other subwoofer models before they blow

CT Sounds Tropo 15 Inch Car Subwoofer

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This car subwoofer contains a dual set of 2-ohm voice coils, which makes it quite versatile. The sturdy basket frame ensures that the subwoofer can be used continuously without harming the speakers in any way. It has 900 watts max power with a 450-watt RMS.

What We Like About It – This subwoofer is smaller than some of the other models we reviewed, especially in max watts, but it still produces quite a bit of bass sound. We like the versatility of the dual voice coils as well as the sturdy basket frame.Pros

  • Dual set of 2-ohm voice coils
  • Sturdy basket frame that ensures the speakers will not become damaged after continuous use
  • Versatile


  • Only 900 watts max power with 450 watts RMS

Planet Audio AC15D 2100 Watt, Car Subwoofer

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This might be one of the best 15-inch subwoofers as it produces clean and powerful bass sounds. The cone is made from polypropylene and the surround is made from foam. The voice coils are made from aluminum and there is max power at 2100 watts, with a continuous power of 1050 watts.

What We Like About It – We like the customizable trim ring that is included with this subwoofer as it makes it look like it belongs where we install it. The materials that were used are excellent, and it is quite sturdy despite us using it quite often for longer periods of time. We also like the clear and crisp bass sound that is produces.Pros

  • Customizable trim
  • 2100 watts max with 1050 watts max when used continuously
  • Aluminum voice coils
  • Made from polypropylene and foam
  • Clear and powerful bass sounds


  • Max power does not seem to be as the manufacturer states

American Bass TNT1544

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This 15-inch car subwoofer has 1600 watts max power with a dual set of 4-ohm voice coils. It sounds great when installed in either a sealed box or a ported box.

What We Like About It – We like the versatility of where this 15-inch car subwoofer can be placed. The sounds are different with sealed boxes and ported boxes, so it is really a person’s preference to which type of bass sounds they want as to where they place this subwoofer.Pros

  • Can be placed in ported boxes or sealed boxes
  • 1600 watts max power
  • Dual set of 4-ohm voice coils


  • May take a while to determine which placement is best due to the differences in bass sounds. Some placements cause higher pitched bass while others will produce lower pitched bass

Stillwater Designs 11S15L72 15

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This is one of the best 15-inch subwoofers available on the market and it is backed by a two-year warranty. The 2000 watts max power and 1000-watt RMS ensures the best bass sound is produced in a clear and powerful manner.

What We Like About It – We like the two-year warranty with this product, because that means that the manufacturer is confident in what they created. The 2000 watts max is quite powerful with the 1000-watt RMS and it delivers the clear bass that we expect from a car subwoofer.Pros

  • Two-year warranty
  • 2000 watts max with 1000-watt RMS
  • Dual set of 2-ohm voice coils


  • Cone can separate after some time
  • Lacks some of the power of other subwoofer models

JBL GT5- 15-Inch Single-Voice-Coil Subwoofer

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The cone is made from polypropylene and the frame is constructed of steel, so it is quite sturdy and will last a long time. The single voice coil has 4-ohms with a peak of 1200 watts max.

What We Like About It – We like the steel frame as it is sturdy and will not become damaged easily. The single voice coil makes it different from other subwoofer models, but the 4-ohms does make it powerful enough for some low sounding bass.Pros

  • Steel frame
  • Cone is made from polypropylene
  • 4-ohms with a single voice coil
  • 1200 watts max


  • Lower RMS rating than other 15-inch subwoofer models

DS18 EXL-B15.2D Extremely Loud 15-Inch 3000 Watts

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One of the best 15-inch subwoofer models on the market, thanks to months of research and development. Over the time that the company was tweaking their product, they managed to improve it by making it look better, making it more powerful, and making it quite versatile.  There is 3000 watts max power with 1800 watts RMS. The aluminum basket has a large edge that is comprised of foam as well as a glass fiber cone. Everyone will love the four-layer voice coil, as well as the double ferrite magnet and two-layer Conex spider.

What We Like About It – We like that the company took its time to create one of the best 15-inch subwoofers available. We are always looking for products that have been improved throughout the research and development process instead of being placed on the market before they are truly complete. The aluminum basket ensures that it is sturdy and will help prevent the motor from overheating.Pros

  • Versatile and quite powerful
  • Aluminum basket
  • Glass fiber cone
  • Four-layer voice coil
  • Double ferrite magnet
  • Two-layer Conex spider
  • 3000 watts max with 1800 watts RMS


  • Sound can max out quickly
  • Vibration can be heard when music is playing

Kicker S15L7 4-Ohm 15” Car Audio Subwoofer

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This subwoofer has a square cone, which makes it unique from many of the other models on the market. The extra cone area is patented as it delivers more decibels than the regular cone shapes. The cone flex is minimized with reliable stitching and it dissipates the heat when the subwoofer is being used for longer periods of time. The subwoofer will not overheat thanks to the high-temp coil wire as well. The SoloKon is one piece and it allows for full back bracing, so that it stays in one place and produces no distortion in the bass sounds.

What We Like About It – We like that the bass sounds from this subwoofer are not distorted in any way and that the cone flex is minimized as well. The shape is quite nice, and it is easier to install too.Pros

  • Patented square cone shape offers more decibels
  • Reliable stitches mean that the cone flex is minimal
  • Heat is dissipated so that the subwoofer will not overheat
  • High-temp coil wire
  • Full back bracing
  • No distorted sounds


  • This subwoofer is heavier than other subwoofer models

All these subwoofers will work well for providing quality bass sounds, whether in a car or a home. The bass sounds will be different depending on which 15 inch subwoofer a person chooses, so everyone will want to read the 15 inch subwoofer reviews carefully. The installation of these subwoofers can be easy at times, but it is a good idea if most people had them installed professionally. That will ensure that they are installed properly and that they will work the way that a person wants them to. If not, people may find themselves with a slightly less powerful subwoofer than they wanted or planned on.

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