Top 7 Best Baby Gates For Top of Stairs With Banisters – 2021 Reviews


baby gates for stairs

If you have stairs in your home and you have a baby or toddler (or both!) wandering around, then you need baby gates for stairs.

Baby gates with banisters are the only safe solution to ensuring that your precious ones stay safe from taking a dangerous tumble down the stairs.

Here are 7 best baby gates for top of stairs with banisters that are safe and effective for your home.

North States Supergate Tall Easy Swing and Lock Gate


This tall swing gate is easy to use and safe to boot. It was designed by North States Supergate as a baby gate for top of stairs. It’s tall and extra wide, making it an ideal choice to protect your little ones from harm on the stairs.

It can fit openings from 28.68 to 47.85 inches. It’s also 36 inches tall, making it insurmountable for the littles.

Strong and sturdy, it stays in place. Plus, one fantastic feature is that it has no threshold like many other baby gate designs. This baby gate for top of stairs was smartly designed without a threshold and it won’t swing out over the stairs, making it an outstanding choice.

Parents are often busy carrying children and armloads of items up and down the stairs. Especially when you’re tired, it’s no fun to forget to step over the threshold and trip.

Additionally, it features a one-handed opening that kids can’t figure out but adults can easily appreciate it.

What We Like About It
It comes preassembled in the box too. All you need to do is mount it with the included hardware packet. The instruction manual makes it easy to understand how to safely and effectively install it.

Dreambaby Chelsea Auto-Close Security Baby Gates for Stairs


This intuitive baby gate for stairs can be used at the top or bottom of stairs. What makes this one special is that it features an auto-close and stay-open feature.

The Smart Stay-Open feature is ideal when you need to keep going back and forth through the barrier.

Carrying armloads of stuff up and down the stairs? It’s a very handy feature to have. When you’re done, it simply closes, keeping your little ones safe from harm.

It can fit openings that are between 28 inches and 39 inches. It’s 29 inches high. With extensions, you can increase the width.

However, if you have a really wide opening at the top of your stairs, you can purchase additional extensions separately to use for spaces as wide as 111 inches.

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Baby Gates for Stairs


For baby gates for top of stairs, Cardinal Gates makes a great gate that you can open with ease with just one hand. While grownups find it easy to operate, the kids will thankfully never be able to figure it out.

This best baby gate with banisters has an optional stop bracket. This helps keep it from opening over a stairway, making it even safer. You can install a mount with angles as deep as 30 degrees.

The width can be adjusted between 27 inches and 42.5 inches. It stands tall at 29.5 inches. Install it quickly and easily, and you can be confident that your little ones will be safe around the stairs.

Regalo Extra Tall Top Of Stairs Gate, With Banister


This baby gate for top of stairs features a banister and wall mounting kit that is easy to install. It’s also easy to remove too so once your children are older and can handle walking up and down the stairs without fail, you can take it away or even move it to another location in your home.

With the patented mounting system, it won’t cause damage to your woodwork. The Smooth Glide technology with a lever-style handle allows you to open the baby gate with one hand.

Recognized by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) and certified, you can feel confident about installing it at the top of your banister staircase to keep your small children safe.

It can expand from 34 inches wide to 55 inches wide and is 35 inches tall, making it an ideal safety gate solution for your home with stairs.

Regalo Top of Stairs Expandable Gate


Regalo’s baby gate is expandable and allows for attaching to banisters as well as walls. It’s tall at 30.5 inches and can span openings from 29 inches to 42 inches wide.

It comes with hardware for multiple banister applications and even has options for you to avoid drilling into your banisters or walls too. So once your kids grow up and you don’t need a baby gate anymore, you won’t be left with damages.

What We Like About It
This baby gate with banisters swings open in both directions too. Certified by JPMA, this design is ideal for great safety in your home with stairs.

Munchkin Extending Wood Wide Baby Gates for Stairs


Munchkin’s wood baby gate is designed to fit wide openings. You can expand it from 28 inches to 46.5 inches wide. It stands at 30 inches tall.

The unique tilting hinge mechanism doesn’t put much stress on your walls. It features a quick-release to detach it in seconds for when you have guests or if you want to move it to another location in your home.

It has a one-way opening feature for use on your staircase, but it can open for two-way access when used in doorways, making it a very versatile baby gate.

With versatility and incredible safety features, this best baby gate for top of stairs is an ideal fit for any home with banister staircases.

Summer Infant Stylish & Secure Deluxe Top of Stairs Gate – Dual Banister Kit


This incredibly versatile baby gate with banisters by Summer Infant is stylish with a honey oak wood finish. It comes with a dual gate installation kit that allows you plenty of peace of mind wherever you install it in your home.

You can install it in a banister-to-banister fashion, with a single banister at the top of the stairs or even use it in doorways too. Best of all, you don’t need to drill on square banisters.

What We Like About It
It can comfortably fit between openings that are 32 inches to 48 inches in width and is 33 inches tall. A quick-release mechanism makes it fast and easy to remove and then reinstall anywhere you want to move it. The handsome wood finishing makes it blend seamlessly with your home décor.

Baby gates with banisters are an essential item for households with staircases that have mobile babies and toddlers. A fall down the stairs can result in serious injury for small children.

Traditional baby gates don’t always extend as fully so using one that is a baby gate for top of stairs is your best option for keeping your children safe.

The versatile ones that can work at the top of the stairs or the bottom or be used elsewhere in the home are a nice option for when guests come.

You can use it to secure the children in a safe play area so that the adults can enjoy their time together while the children play. It also keeps them out from underfoot.

Most of these 7 baby gates for top of stairs have easy installations or quick-release options, adding to their versatility.

We also love the updated features of auto close and intuitive gates that stay open while you’re passing back and forth so you don’t need to constantly open and close the gate.

Another smart feature is the lack of threshold which prevents any chance of tripping over the gate as you walk through it.

These best baby gates with banisters expand to fit wider areas and stand tall to keep even the tallest toddlers from climbing over. They come in a variety of finishes too, some even in wood.

Whichever finish you choose though, the most important thing to consider is a baby gate with banisters for your home with stairs. It isn’t an optional item. It’s mandatory if you want to keep your kids safe and have complete peace of mind.

Even the most vigilant parent cannot keep their eyes on their child 100% of the time. For those moments when they sneak out of their cribs or we get distracted, baby gates for stairs add an extra layer of protection to our homes.

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