Best Beer Fridge (Cheap And Mini Reviews – 2021)


Beer FridgeHave no room in your fridge to keep your beer cold? Then it’s time to get a beer mini-fridge! Beer fridges make the perfect place to keep beer, soda, wine, and another beverage cold without sacrificing room in the kitchen fridge.

They make for a fantastic addition to game rooms, man caves, home offices, poolside patios, and just about any place you can think of where you’ll want to keep your beer and other beverages cold.

From cheap beer fridges to fancy models, we’ve got the lowdown on the best beer fridge around! Check them out!

Danby 120 Can – Stainless Steel Best Beer Fridge

Danby 120 Can Beverage


With 3.3 cubic feet storage capacity, this beer fridge can hold up to 120 cans, perfect for hosting parties. The mechanical thermostat can go from 43F to 57F and even features a set-and-forget style for worry-free chilling.

The 3 black wire shelves offer plenty of storage space plus the interior light makes it easy to see in the back. A tempered glass door allows you to see what’s inside to take inventory without opening it up. Energy-efficient, this model keeps things cool and can keep things safe too with a lock and key.

Whether you have roommates that mooch or kids that want to sneak adult beverages before they’re of legal age, you can keep them out and keep the refreshment in. A reversible door hinge allows you to adjust the door for left-handed or right-handed comfort.

NewAir Mini Fridge – 126 Cans

NewAir Beverage Cooler


This beer mini fridge gives you 3.4 cubic feet and hosts 126 cans. It can get as cold as 34F to keep your drinks supremely frosty.

The metal racks are durable and easy to remove so you can accommodate other bottles of varying sizes when you need to. With a low noise level and sleek black and stainless steel design, it fits any décor.

Whynter BR-130SB Refrigerator

Whynter BR 130SB Beverage


Fit 120 12-ounce cans in this beer fridge. It’s black with a stainless steel door frame and features soft interior LED light that can be switched on and off.

Temperatures range from highs in the 30s to the mid-60s (Fahrenheit). The wire shelving slides out for easy cleaning and storage. The door is reversible too to accommodate both left- and right-handed users.

With a powerful compressor and internal air-cooled system, you’ll find all beverages in this beer fridge stay consistently cold no matter what shelf they’re on.

Kalamera 15” Beverage cooler 96 can – Mini Fridge

Kalamera 15 Beverage cooler


This mini fridge has a stylish design with stainless steel and a door of transparent glass to see what’s in store. The small size makes it easy to tuck out of the way in the garage or the corner of any room with the capacity to contain 96 cans.

With 6 removable racks, you can fit anything you desire, plus the super-quiet compressor keeps things chilled from 38 to 50F, retaining the temperature with fewer starts and stops.

Plus, the memory function for the temperature control allows it to get right back into the groove should the power go off so if you’re using it to house your favorite wines, you won’t have to worry about them going bad.

Phiestina PH-CBR100 106 – Best Beer Fridge

Phiestina PH CBR100-106


With room for 106 cans of your favorite beer, this beer fridge is a must for partiers. The compressor cooling system keeps it quiet so it will never ruin the mood in your space. Set the thermostat anywhere from 38 to 50F for the perfect chill on any beverage.

The 6 removable wire shelves allow you to rearrange to accommodate bottles of differing sizes too. With gentle blue LED lighting, you can easily find drinks in rooms with dim lighting. You’ll get a one-year warranty to ensure you love this beer fridge!

hOmeLabs Mini Fridge with Glass Door – 120 Cans

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator


Unlike other mini fridges, this mini fridge gives you 3.2 cubic feet to hold 120 cans. With a steel frame and glass door, it’s sturdy while allowing you to see what’s inside at a glance.

The blue LED light on the inside illuminates your beverage center selection for night-time ease. Drinks stay cold in here, all the way down to 36F. The 3 adjustable and removable shelves make this beer fridge versatile for all your hosting needs.

A memory function automatically restores the temperature setting should you encounter any power outages, plus this beer fridge uses a whisper-quiet compressor to keep things evenly cooled without making much noise.

EdgeStar CWB1760FD 24 Inch

EdgeStar CWB1760FD 24


This classy beer fridge features French doors, making for a lovely touch. The glass doors are double-paned to ensure temperatures stay cold inside.

With a touch panel of digital controls and display, it’s ultra-modern and easy to adjust. You’ll find a safety lock that keeps kids or unwanted guests out of your beer, wine, and beverages plus impeccable slide-out wood-trimmed shelving.

There are 5 wooden shelves and 3 metal shelves with wood fronts. The left zone allows for 17 standard wine bottles to be kept from 36 to 43F while the right zone allows for 60 standard cans with a temperature range of 41 to 71F. It is the perfect beer fridge for those that love to entertain on the upper echelon.

KingsBottle Steel Beer Fridge – 300 Cans

Beverage Cooler Beer Cooler


Love big parties? Then this beer fridge is for you! It can keep up to 300 cans cool at once. There are 5 adjustable chrome-finished shelves, allowing you to arrange things the way you like it.

The Italian-made Carel control for temperature can provide automatic defrost, warnings for high and low temperature, and manage energy.

It also has a noise-free compressor so it won’t disturb the mood in your home. With a 2-year warranty, it makes purchasing this beer fridge a smart move.

SMETA Small Wine Cellar Refrigerator – 19 Bottles

SMETA 19 Bottles Small


More of a wine person? This beer fridge is great for holding 19 bottles of wine. It makes the perfect place to keep your red, white or sparkling wines with temperatures from 39.2 to 64.4F.

An LED display inside helps you find what you need. Store beer, liquor, wine, soda, and more in this compact beer fridge you can use in just about any setting!


Beer Fridges MainAll 10 of these beer fridges are ideal for use for many reasons. The smaller options make for perfect dorm room additions, especially those that come with locks.

But they also make a great place to keep additional beverages cold in any home. Parents with kids under the age of 21 will definitely want the models that come with a lock and the key to assure that alcoholic beverages are only consumed by legal adults.

Just like having big gatherings? You can use these beer fridges to hold any beverages from sodas to juices, or even house your wine collection.

With adjustable and removable shelves, those that love to entertain will love the extra space to store extra appetizers and snacks too. It’s really a brilliant idea to get a beer fridge.

Whether you love beer, wine or soda, or you just need extra space in your own kitchen fridge, a best beer fridge can give you more freedom to store what you need.

You can tuck it under your home bar, put it in the garage, add it to your den, use it at college, or keep it in your office space to offer refreshing cold beverages to clients that drop by and keep your lunch cold. There are so many uses for a beer fridge that go well beyond just keeping beer, wine, and liquor cold.

So if you find yourself going nuts hosting Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner or having friends over for all the games because you don’t have enough room in your fridge to keep the beer and wine cold, get a beer fridge and you’ll always have icy cold beverages ready to go!

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