Top 10 Best Camping Cots – 2021 Reviews


Coleman Airbed CotThe best thing about summertime are those fun-filled camping trips. But if you’re tired of laying in the dirt in your sleeping bag, it’s time to step up your game by using camping cots instead! Camping cots are an easy way to sleep comfortably outdoors, anywhere that you go. Plus, they’re very handy even when you’re not camping in the great outdoors should you have extra guests come to call.

We’ve taken a look at the best camping cots out there to help you find the perfect one to suit your camping needs. These camping cots will surely make sleeping anywhere a comfortable experience!

Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot with Side Tables


Coleman knows the great outdoors with a range of products designed for outdoor enthusiasts so this camping cot is a smart choice. It features a queen-sized air mattress and cot that you can easily take anywhere. The mattress uses Comfort Strong coil construction which provides extreme comfort and support. Coleman’s Air Tight system is designed to keep the mattress from leaking, because nothing is more disappointing than waking up to a deflated bed.

Meanwhile, the cot itself is made from sturdy steel construction that can hold up to 600 pounds of weight. It’s lengthy enough even for tall people, designed to accommodate those up to 6 feet and 2 inches. Now back to the mattress! It comes with a 4D battery-operated pump that makes filling it up a breeze. The mattress and the cot are separate which makes for easy storage or allows for you to use them separately. And as a bonus, it comes with two side tables on either side of the cot that have cup holders so your drinks and personal items stay put. All of this folds up easily to fit in the included carry bag for easy toting and storage. The 1-year limited warranty means you can buy confidently and sleep on it.

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot – Best For Adults


Teton makes this camping cot that’s larger than a twin bed and capable of hosting up to 600 pounds of weight. The cot folds down for easy transport and weighs a mere 26 pounds once folded, ideal for taking anywhere. Once snapped into place, the frame makes a sturdy support for your sleep anywhere. You can add Teton’s camp pad to it if you wish (a separate purchase) or use it as-is. Because the frame is of aluminum, it is lightweight yet sturdy. The legs feature an S-leg design to help reinforce the cot, allowing you to rest easy. You’ll rest even easier with the limited lifetime warranty too!

Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe –  Camping Cot For Tall


Here’s another option from Coleman for bed-like comfort in the wild. It folds up with ease and when opened up, gives you incredible support from the cot as well as the thick foam mattress. The steal frame is durable and strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds. It’s great for tall people up to 6 feet 6 inches in height. You’ll find it fits most trunks when folded, making it your new go-to camping cot. It can also serve guests well for holidays when hosting visitor from out of town.

Coleman 765353 Military Style Cot


If it’s good enough for soldiers, it’s good enough for you! Coleman’s military-style camping cot has been thoughtfully designed to give you everything you need. It has pockets to keep all your things within easy reach and is reinforced by a durable steel frame. The heavy-duty fabric on the cot is made from polyester and capable of supporting up to 300 pounds. You’ll find it’s easy to assemble and easy to fold. It’s easy to carry too at just 18.3 pounds. Sleep with complete comfort and support anywhere with this Coleman camping cot. It comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot


Why take a tent and a camping cot when you can just take a camping cot that IS a tent? This productbed makes camping more fun by keeping you high off the ground from creepy crawly things and shielding you from the elements as well as pesky bugs wit ha heavy duty 210D tent, complete with rain fly. It’s also versatile too, allowing you to turn it into a lounge, a chair, and a flat cot that all can be set up in just seconds. Stop lugging everything along on your camping adventures and get the tent that is a camping cot all in one!

Byer EasyCot


Perhaps you’d enjoy camping more with a camping cot that keeps you off the ground. It’s super easy to set up. Anyone can do it by just unfolding it. It’s ideal for camping or extra guests in your home. Plus it can hold up to 330 pounds. An included carry bag makes it easy to take with you for a good night’s sleep in any situation!

VIVO Cot, Fold up Bed, Portable for Camping, Military Style w/Bag


This durable bed has a steel frame that makes for a sturdy sleep. The water-resistant polyester keeps you comfortable and dry as you sleep indoors or under the stars. Carry it anywhere with the included carry bag. Folded up, it’s just 12 pounds, making it easy for anyone to carry it.

Forfar Folding Camping Bed Portable – Lightweight


Don’t want to assemble your camping bed? Then choose this one! All you do is set it up and sleep. Fold it up when you’re done, put it in the accompanying carry bag and you’re all set. It couldn’t be easier to lay your head down at the end of a long day. Whether you’re camping in the wild or having wild guests sleep it off, this camping bed is an asset!

Texsport King Kot Giant Easy Set-Up


Camping should be fun! That’s why this easy set-up folding cot is the perfect choice. It’s large enough to give you plenty of room for sleep while keeping you fully supported thanks to a heavy-duty aluminum frame. The nylon cover is water resistant too, making it easy to stay cool and dry. It supports weights up to 350 pounds and comes in a nylon carry bag that makes toting or storing easy and breezy.

KingCamp Strong Stable Camping Bed Cot – Folding


This smart bed has an angled head so you won’t need pillows for a comfortable night’s sleep anywhere. The handy side pockets make it easy to tuck your essentials right alongside you so you can sleep soundly. Fold it and carry it at just 15.9 pounds. It can carry you too, up to 220 pounds. Because it’s so easy to fold up or fold out, it is an ideal solution for extra guests or for taking along on your next camping adventure!

Things to consider

When choosing a camping cot, you’ll have to think about a few things. If you’ll be using it primarily for camping, it might be most useful to invest in the camping cot that doubles as a tent. But if you intend to use it in other ways, like in your home for extra guests, sticking to a camping cot that is just a cot is a better option.

Some come with mattresses while others don’t. You can add your own mattress to other cots, however you should be aware of the weight limit the cot can host. Another thing to watch out for is how easy it is to set up. If you don’t want to assemble anything, choosing a camping cot that easily folds and unfolds is your best bet.


A camping cot is a smart investment for anyone that loves to be outdoors as it provides a way to keep out of the dirt while still being in touch with nature. It’s also an ideal and affordable solution to those that have occasional house guests for a place to sleep that folds up easily. Choose one of these 10 cots and you will definitely sleep easy!

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