Best Concrete Mixers – 2021 Reviews (Portable, Small And Large)


When it comes to working with concrete whether you are a DIYer or a subcontractor who does concrete work for customers it is important to have the right equipment in order to get the best results for your efforts. An important part of working with concrete is to have a best quality concrete mixer.

In order to be sure that the concrete is ready to go you need to be sure that all of the necessary materials are added in the proper ratio in order to get the best possible mixture.

Top 8 Best Concrete Mixer

5 Cubic Feet Wheelbarrow Portable Cement Concrete Mixer


The 5 Cubic Portable Cement Concrete Mixer quality machine that is made from high-quality materials. It designed to handle 160 pounds (2x 80-pound bags a concrete mix) and the necessary ratio of water inside its revolving drum.

The large capacity, 5 cubic foot all steel drum is sturdy enough to handle the constantly moving load of concrete inside. Inside the drum is two strategically placed steel blades they are part of the mixing mechanism that helps to ensure the mix is properly controlled. The drum is able to turn freely due to the ½ HP electric motor and it provides just enough power to turn the fully loaded drum at the speed required to keep the proper ratio.

The drum of the mixer is attached the tubular steel frame with ultra-durable powder coat finish to ensure that it lasts for many years. It features two handles with ergonomic hand grips in order to make it easy to maneuver along with the pair of 10″ oversized hard rubber wheels. The Generic 5 is a decent quality mixer at a good price.

Kushlan Products 600DD  Cement Mixer


The 600DD Unassembled Direct Drive Cement Mixer combines high strength and lightweight materials to deliver a high-quality product for individual and subcontractors. This highly portable concrete mixer can easily be taken to most any job site and as long as there is 120 volts AC available it can be used almost anywhere.

The portable mixer features a lightweight and yet extremely durable 5/16″ gauge polyethylene with a capacity of six cubic feet and it holds up 300 pounds of premix concrete and water. It features three strategically placed steel blades that help mix the concrete. The drum spins at an anemic pace of 28 drum rotation per minute thanks to the ¾ HP direct drive electric motor connected directly to the back end of the drum in order power the mixer.

The high strength all tubular steel frame and heavy-duty flat-free urethane wheels make it much more convenient to be able to load it on a trailer and take it directly to your job site. The 6 cubic drum holds up to 300 pounds of premix concrete and water. The Kushlan Products 600DD  Cement Mixer is a high quality portable concrete mixer that would be a great choice for anyone.

1/3 Hp Electric Cement Mixer


The 1/3 Hp Electric Cement Mixer is a heavy-duty piece of machinery that is capable of handling a wide range of mixing duties between concrete, stucco and even can be used to mix animal feed on the farm or homestead. It is made of all high strength and durable materials.

The whole unit is made of high strength steel and has a highly durable powder coat finish and the 3.5 cubic foot drum holds plenty of concrete material and dumping handle makes it easy to operate. The ⅓ HP motor electric motor generates enough power to rotate the drum up to 36 revolutions even when fully loaded. The frame is also made from high strength steel and features a pair of hard rubber tires that make it easy to load up and unload from a trailer and maneuver to most any job site. The 1/3 Hp Electric Cement Mixer is one of the best values that we have on our list.

Goplus 1/2HP Electric Concrete Cement Mixer


The Goplus Electric Concrete Cement Mixer  is powerful, high-quality cement mixer that is versatile enough it can be used for much more than just mixing cement. It is very portable and can be taken directly to most job sites without much trouble. It runs off of 120VAC  and it features a ½ HP motor.

The large capacity, 5 cubic yard high strength steel drum will hold 2.5 cubic feet of material (270 pounds of concrete) and rotate it continuously 23 revolutions per minute. I have two high strength steel mixing blades placed inside the drum to help keep the material inside moving as well. The heavy-duty all-steel construction in the frame and the large, oversized hard rubber tires makes it really easy to take anywhere you need it to go, including the most rugged terrain in order to get to a job site. The Goplus Concrete Mixer 5 Cubic is a compact concrete mixer that would be a great little mixer.

Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer


The Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer, is a light to medium duty mixer that can be used for a number of different mixing duties including, stucco, mortar, concrete, and seed. It is constructed of only high-quality materials and it is designed to last for many years to come.

The drum feature a duty insulated, all-steel design with two sturdy steel blades placed inside to help keep the material mixing at all times until it is ready to be poured out the opening of the drum. The power ⅔ HP electric motor and direct drive help to turn the drum when fully loaded with a 180-pounds of dry mix up. The small 7″ hard rubber tires are quite rugged and sturdy will allow it to pulled fairly easily to your job site. The Pro-Series CME35 is the lightest-duty of all of the mixers on our list, it is can be used for a number of good uses.

Kushlan Products 350DD Unassembled


The Kushlan Products 350DD Cement Mixer is a light-duty mixer but it is not short of strength. It features all high-quality materials and high strength construction. The smaller size 3.5 cubic foot drum holds a lesser amount of material as compared to the larger size mixers. The simple, yet sturdy frame long handles and oversized wheels makes it fairly easy to maneuver around most job sites.

350DD from Kushlan Products is good size portable cement mixer that is much lighter than other mixers in its class since the drum is made from polyethylene instead of the typical steel. This makes it much less susceptible to dents, cracking and even rust which means it will last much longer. The ¾  HP direct drive electric motor is powerful enough handle loads up to 180-pounds.

The  350DD  Cement Mixer is a decent little light-duty cement mixer that is perfectly suited for small cement jobs or even for use with other materials around the farm.

8 CU FT Wheelbarrow Portable Cement Concrete Mixer


The 8 CU FT Wheelbarrow Portable Cement Mixer is a massive portable cement mixer that is made from only the highest quality materials. It easily has the largest capacity of all of the cement mixers on our list. Despite its large size, it is really well balanced and is extremely maneuverable around most job sites or around the house.

This massive 8 cubic foot capacity drum will hold an extraordinary amount of concrete and other materials. The powerful, direct drive electric motor is strong enough to rotate the drum up to 24 revolutions even when completely full. There are two heavy-duty steel blades situated inside to help with the mixing. The oversized 12″ hard rubber tires will help to make it easier to handle a wide range of terrain.

The heavy-duty steel construction and extremely durable powder coat finish helps to make it both rugged enough to handle anything that you can throw at it and still look great in between in and every job. The 8 CU FT Cement Concrete Mixer is absolutely the largest of all of the portable concrete mixer on our list and it will make a great choice for everyone.

Cement Mixer – Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow


The 5 Cu Ft is a heavy-duty, large capacity cement mixer. It is constructed of only the highest quality materials and construction that makes it perfect for the homestead, farm, and construction job site. The large capacity drum (5 cubic feet) is big enough to handle 275-pounds of the mix.

The heavy-duty steel frame and drum with unique wheelbarrow style construction make really easy to load, move in place and pour into place. The ½ HP heavy-duty direct drive electric motor is where it gets its power to rotate the drum and utilize the dual steel blades to quickly mix the concrete. This helps to speed up the completion time of your concrete job so that you much more time to relax as you are waiting for it to cure and ultimately dry.

The wheelbarrow design of this heavy-duty portable cement mixer makes the Heavy-Duty 5 Cu Ft Wheelbarrow Cement Mixer a great choice for most anyone looking to put in a backyard patio or slab for an outbuilding.

Things To Consider While Choosing a Concrete Mixer

When it comes finding a portable concrete mixer for your needs there are many things that you should take into account before you spend your hard earned dollars to buy one. There many, many different types of concrete mixers on the market and while many of them look alike and share common features and functionalities, you need to know first what you are needing one to do.

There are many factors and things to be considered, but we are going to be focusing on just four things in particular. The following four things are what we believe are extremely important factors; Capacity of the drum, electric vs. gas motor, Steel vs Polyethylene drum, size of the wheels.

The capacity of the drum – When comes determining which size or drum capacity of the portable concrete mixer you need it really comes down to the type and scope of the jobs you will be using it for. If you only plan on using it for small jobs with just one or two people will be using it, then a mixer with smaller capacity will work just fine. However, if you are making complex pours or have a larger crew, than by all means look at the largest capacity that you can find.

Electric vs. gas motor – The debate over which is better can get pretty heated over which is preferred over the other. There are positives and negatives for each type is absolutely best. If you have access to power at your work site than you would have the option of whether or not you can use either one. However, if there is a possibility that you could not have access to power to run an electric powered concrete mixer you would either have to get a portable generator or have a backup plan that would involve having a gas-powered concrete mixer.

Steel vs Polyethylene drum – These days, the company’s that make concrete mixer realize that they use polyethylene in the construction of the drum in order to save both cost and weight. The additional bonus is that the strength and resistance to cracking, rusting and denting meant it would last longer than its all-steel counterpart. The fact that the drum itself is lighter means that when fully loaded with the material the drum does not weigh as much so when it comes to manually dump it there is far less effort from an operator standpoint.

Size of the wheels – All portable concrete mixers come with a set of wheels so that it can roll on or off a truck/trailer and then maneuvered around the job site. However, the size of the wheel and type of wheel will make a huge difference on how well it works on difficult terrain. Generally speaking, the larger and harder the tire material makes it best for all surfaces and helps with maneuverability. If you don’t need it to do that kind of thing than as long as it has wheels it should be good.

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