Best Drafting Tables For Art & Craft Drawing – 2021

Comes With Stools And Drawers (Selected Models Only)


Drafting TableSo, you need more than just a clear and clean horizontal surface on which to sketch or design. The dining room table, or that small desk in the corner is no longer sufficient to your needs. You’re now in the market for a new, or replacement, drafting table.

There are a wide variety of drafting tables and drafting chairs available, from simple versions for simple tasks, to more sophisticated devices for more complicated applications. Only you can decide what fits your needs. Below are some of the best drafting tables reviews available for your delectation.

Flash Furniture Drawing and Drafting Table – Adjustable

Drafting Table with Black


First, let’s look at the Flash Furniture – Adjustable Drawing and Drafting Table. This is a small, attractive, and sturdy model. The black  tubular frame is complemented by a drawing surface covered with a Cherry melamine laminate surface. The drawing surface is 30” wide and 23.75” deep, with a thickness a .75”. This table can adjust from a flat surface desk to an approximately 40 to 45 degree drawing angle.

There is sufficient storage, with small trays next to the  surface, a larger tray directly underneath, and hanging file storage. There is also a large shelf on the bottom of the table. Castors make this 35 pound piece of furniture easy to move from room to room. Its ease of mobility and its compact size make it an excellent choice for a home or small office environment and it’s not going to break the bank because you can usually find them for under one hundred dollars. .

Studio Designs Drafting Table with Side Shelf


Studio Designs Futura


Next, we have a slightly more sophisticated and sleek model, the Studio Designs Drafting Table with Side Shelf. This is an all-glass beauty with attractive, sleek rectangular tubular legs.The drawing surface itself is blue tempered glass, with a surface area of 36” by 24”. There is a side shelf, which can be installed on either side, according to your preference. The same is true of the three plastic drawers mounted below the surface.

This piece can be used as a simple desk as well as its work surface adjusts from level to an angle of 35 degrees. With the side shelf installed, the Futura measures in at 52” wide. With a weight of 53 pounds, this is hardly a ponderous piece of furniture, but the absence of casters may make it inconvenient to move often. The going price for this Futura model is around two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars.

Adjustable Height Drawing Table Drafting Desk By Yaheetech


Drafting Desk with P2


Now we come to a sturdy, utilitarian drafting table, the Yaheetech Drafting Desk, This model is supported by tubular, powder coated steel black legs, and, as its name indicated, it is height adjustable to accommodate anyone, from short to tall, The working surface is made of sturdy MDF fiberboard, as is the retractable side table, which provides additional spaces for your laptop, iPad, or drawing source material.

The right side of the working surface is lined by storage cubbies, and there are two large drawers to provide additional storage for all your needs. The surface itself adjusts from a desk-like 0 degrees to 60 degrees when used for drawing. Rather surprisingly, this model also comes with a soft padded stool with a capacity of 220 pounds. For even more storage, there is a shelf located underneath. These are truly affordable for all budgets.

Adjustable Drawing Desk Craft Station Drafting Table By ZENY

Drafting Table Tempered


Next we have yet another attractive and stylistic tempered glass model from ZENY, an adjustable drawing desk, and craft station. The glass table top has a work area of 35.5” by 235”, and is bordered on each side by storage cubbies. It also sports two sliding drawers for additional storage, as well as a single shelf.

The drafting table is constructed of durable, heavy gauge material, and is designed to adjust in height to accommodate users of varying sizes. It has a weight carrying capacity of 99 pounds, but weighs only 30 pounds, and is highly mobile due to its casters. The work surface adjusts from flat to a generous 62.5 degrees, suitable for all your needs. This may be an option for those on a budget.

Adjustable Drawing Desk Rolling Drafting Table By Tangkula


Tangkula Adjustable Drawing


Our next selection is an attractive and economical choice, the Tangkula Adjustable Drawing Desk. This is an excellent choice for home use as well as in the office. Its lightweight and rolling casters make it easily movable for the artist looking to chase the light from room to room. It includes plenty of storage for paints, pencils, protractors, compasses, stencils, or anything else you may need. Some of these things can be easily stowed in the storage bins to the side of the work surface, while two drawers provide room for anything else.

The work surface itself is tempered glass, while the supporting  structure is powder coated steel, making the whole table easily cleaned with the wipe of a cloth. Of course, the table adjusts from a flat surfaced desk, perfect for your computer, to a perfectly angled drafting table.  The Tangkula has a pretty reasonable price tag when you factor in storage, work surface, and durability.

Best Choice Products Drafting Table


Drafting Table w Drawers


Yet another of the ever popular tempered glass models is the Best Choice Products Modern Adjustable Drafting Table. It is a sleek and modern design, with a cross brace added for exceptional stability. The legs themselves are a durable powder coated steel for added rust resistance and easy cleaning. There is plenty of storage provided, with four removable plastic storage bins on the side of the work surface, two drawers of to the  side, and a larger flat drawer in the center for storing paper, blueprints, rulers, and the like.

This table also adjusts from a standard flat desktop to the angled positions needed for drawing. It can support a weight of up to 88 pounds, so can be used as a computer desk as well. A good choice for many applications and priced reasonably.

Best Choice Products Office Drawing Desk Station


Glass Adjustable Drafting


Another offering from Best Choice Products is their Office Drawing Desk Station. This product offers much the same accessories as the table described just above, with the added advantage of mobility, as it comes equipped with wheels. The design is slightly different, but just as sturdy, and the storage facilities seem to be identical. This model will, however, support slightly more weight, at 90 pounds as opposed to 88. If that two pounds is important to you, chose this version.

One would prefer it for its more mobile aspects, however. It also has the added advantage of being packaged with a padded stool. This model is about half the cost of the previous model.

ZENY Adjustable Drafting Table w/Stool


ZENY Adjustable Drafting


If you’re in the market for a smaller version of a drafting table, consider the ZENY Adjustable Drawing Table. Perfect for the smaller office, or a child’s use, this comes with lots of bells and whistles. It rolls, for ease of mobility, and has an attached storage compartment with three woven fabric drawers. Plenty of room for all you tools and art supplies. The work surface is sturdy and durable MDF, approximately 36” by 20”,  and the supporting structure is durable, easy care powder coated steel.

The work surface adjusts from flat to an angle of 48 degrees. It even comes with a padded stool, and foot pads to prevent friction damage to the floor. A great little table for you, or that precocious child of yours. A smaller table comes with a smaller price tag.

Super Deal Drafting Table Art & Craft Drawing Desk


Super Deal Adjustable Drafting


Another excellent choice for the hobbyist, or even the professional, is the Super Deal Adjustable Arts and Crafts Drawing Desk. This is an attractive piece of furniture with a stylish arch design, simple enough to blend in with any decor. It has a three drawer storage unit, and a powder coated steel frame of strength, durability, and ease of care. The working surface itself is made of high quality and strong MDF material, and adjusts from a standard flat desk surface to angles up to 48 degrees, as needed. Its slip resistant rubber feet keep it securely in place, and will not damage your floors.

The table itself will support a weight of up to 150 pounds, certainly enough for most desk-sized office equipment. It also comes with a folding padded stool, which will support up to 187 pounds. An excellent choice for the amateur, hobbyist, work from home professional, of office worker. Great look and durability for under a hundred dollars.

Harper&Bright Designs Folding Drawing Desk with Drawers


Designs Folding Drafting


Finally we have a table offered by Harper and Bright Designs out of Los Angeles. The Harper and Bright Designs folding drafting table and drawing desk is an attractively designed piece of furniture which would be at home in a residence or office. The base of the desk is constructed of Powder coated steel, which, of course, allows for durability and rust resistance. The surface of the drawing board is made of high quality MDF, as is the top of the attached storage cabinet.

This cabinet provides a space for your iPad, laptop, or source material for your drawings. Three fabric drawers just below allow for plenty of storage, as does the shelf along the bottom of the table. The work surface measures in at 35” by 24”, and the surface of the storage unit is 14” by 16”. For added convenience, the table folds for easy storage or transport. And, it even comes with a stool! Affordable, high quality, and plenty of storage.

There you have it. Here are ten recommendations for affordable and quality drafting tables that will suit a variety of needs. Only you can decide what it is that you exactly need, and each table offers pros and cons when it comes to ownership. It also depends on the reasons behind the purchase. Is it going to be tucked away in a child’s room to encourage artistic endeavors, or installed in an office for some serious use. Are you a hobbyist? Or, perhaps, a work from home professional, looking for something that suits your home environment and decor? I’m sure that there is an ideal choice to fit your needs on the list. Just make sure you do your research.

A Brief On The History

The drawing table has come a long way since medieval monks hunched over wooden tables in drafty monasteries, copying sacred manuscripts. Civilization owes much to these men, laboring long hours in candlelight, long before the invention of the printing press.

But they offered up their aching backs in service to the advancement of humanity. Just as did ancient architects and engineers. No one knows precisely when the idea of an elevated, slanted surface, occurred these men, but the idea was genius, and it was greatly appreciated.

For years, prior to the industrial revolution, the drawing table was a staple in any gentleman’s library or study. It enabled him to make architectural drawings, or read large documents or oversized volumes in comfort. Perhaps his lady wife would occasionally use it for her more genteel artistic pursuits. But, come the revolution, the drawing table, or drafting table, as it was also known, made its way from the library to the office. In this new age of progress, draftsmen, engineers, and architects were more in demand than ever, as were the tools of their trade. These early professional devices were often constructed of a heavy oaken frame, with ratchet, notches, and gears, allowing the drawing surface to adjust for various needs. The could often be mistaken for a simple pedestal desk, if not for the lip in one side, placed there to prevent drawing instruments from slipping to the floor when the surface was positioned for drawing.

Yes, the drawing board was quickly integrated into the modern office or shop environment, It became so familiar a sight that the phrase, “Back to the drawing board,” was coined by cartoonist Peter Arno in 1941 to indicate a failure so complete that a complete redesign was necessary. But modern drafting tables bear only a passing resemblance to their forebears. Steel frames have replaced the heavy oak legs, allowing for greater strength and easier mobility. Surfaces are made of a strong fiberboard, with a Formica surface. A thin vinyl sheet, a board cover,  may cover the board surface to prevent damage.


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