Best Hedgehog Cages – 2021 Reviews


Hedgehog CageMany people like to adopt small pets such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hedgehogs. It is usually the families that have school-aged kids since they are the ones who want to adopt those pets. If you are looking into adopting one of those small pets, then you will need a hedgehog cage that is of the best quality so your little pets can live their best lives and enjoy their own habitats.

There are many things to consider before purchasing a cage for your small animal, and the ideal thing is to look for the best hedgehog cage around. That definition will be different for anyone depending on what their needs are. For instance, if you are only planning to adopt one or two small animals, then you don’t need an elaborate cage. However, if you plan to adopt more than 3 hedgehogs or small animals, then you will need to get something that is more elaborate and spacious.

Here are 10 of the best hedgehog cages that you will need to know if you are considering to adopt a small pet.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation – Hedgehog Cage


You are looking for a good-quality hedgehog cage right here as it includes one shelf that is adjustable, one pan, as well as a ramp and a cover. It also comes with a stand that is easy to move around along with 4 locking wheel casters. The small animal cage is removable and the double doors are full-width as well so that you can feed the critters easily, as well as it makes cleaning the cage easier as well.

This hedgehog cage features a full-width pan that is leak-proof as well as a wide shelf that can expand which allows your critters to play in a larger area. And, this will also prevent any kind of fall which can be dangerous. This cage is not only meant for hedgehogs as you can also use it for rats, chinchillas, and ferrets. The tubing corners are over half of an inch and measure by half of an inch. The wire spacing is horizontal and this space can allow these animals to follow their instincts by climbing and exploring in a safe manner.

The dimensions are 36 inches long x 25 inches wide x 38.5 inches high. Assembly is easy and no tools are needed, and you will receive a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Yaheetech 37’’/52”Ferret Cage Indoor Small Animals Hutch

Yaheetech Ferret Cage Indoor


Many reviewers have considered this Yaheetech product as the best hedgehog cage. It is extremely sturdy, and it is made with very high-quality steel wires and has a 4-layer structure. It also features sturdy and anti-rust powder coating. This cage features ramps that allow the pets to play in plenty of space, and there are also shelves that are removable so the cage is accessible and simple to clean.

This cage also features plastic food boxes as well as 250ml water bottles, and the trays slide right out as well. The 2 openings in the front are large and are on the bottom and top so it makes the access very easy for cleaning and feeding. Four universal wheels are also featured since that you can move the cage easily. Additionally, the design is meant to keep the paws and the pets protected from being in contact with ramps and the floor grid which can irritate their feet and bodies, and any kind of pinching won’t happen nor will they get trapped. And, it is also very easy to fold and store. The dimensions are 25 inches long x 17 inches wide x 36.5 inches high.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat


The Living World Deluxe Habitat scored high in the hedgehog cage reviews because it is not only well-ventilated for your critters but it is safe and comfortable. Additionally, included is a balcony with a wire cage and the bottom is made of clear plastic. The ramp is easily accessible, and the food bowl will not tip, and the water bottle will not drip. It also includes a hay guard, and no tools are required for assembly which is very easy. All that needs to be done is to set it up by using those 4 plastic clips that are simple to use.

It also has an epoxy finish which preserves the quality of this product. The dimensions are 30.7 inches long x 18.9 inches wide x 19.7 inches high.

Midwest “Guinea Habitat” Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage


This hedgehog cage is not only ideal for hedgehogs but is great for guinea pigs, as this particular product has been recommended by guinea pig breeders and veterinarians. The cage features a PVC lined canvas on the bottom and it is removable and washable. It is also leak-proof and very durable. It is removable so you can access the cage easily for cleaning it and maintaining it and it also provides protection for your pet’s feet that are very sensitive. And it also includes a no-divider panel. The sides are 14 inches high and it allows you to have easy access to your pets, and this cage is good for outdoor and indoor use.

There are no tools that are required to assemble this product, and it is very easy to set up. A one-year manufacturers warranty is included as well. The dimensions are 47 inches long x 24 inches wide x 14 inches high.

Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Cage


This hedgehog cage is ideal for hedgehogs and hamsters, and it is a high-quality cage that was made in Belgium. This cage features slides, an exercise wheel, food bowls, a toilet, a drinking bottle, and slides. It also has houses, platforms, and tunnels so that your pets can enjoy playing in a lot of space and can explore different environments.

The metal cage is highly spacious, also is made with high-quality plastic, and it is easy to set up as well. The dimensions of this product are 31.5 inches long x 20 inches wide x 20 inches high.

Kennel-Aire “A Frame Bunny House

Kennel Hedgehog Cage


This hedgehog cage is also great for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets, and it is extremely durable and spacious. It is made with very strong wiring, and because the roof is arched, it not only allows your pets to explore and play, but it keeps them safe. This cage is so easy to clean because it has a plastic pan that can easily slide out and remove. And, its caster wheels are durable and as a result, you can move the cage around anywhere.

There are also two separate entrances and the doors are on the front and top so you can access your pets easily. The dimensions are 29.5 inches long x 16.5 inches wide x 24 inches high.

Prevue Pet Small Animal Home on Stand

Prevue Pet Small Animal Cage


This hedgehog cage made by Prevue is incredibly durable and is made with a plastic base as well as a strong tubular steel wiring. Included in this cage are one platform and one ramp, and it also features an extra deep pan so all of the messes are contained. The base features caster wheels so it is easy to maneuver. This cage is small so it is not ideal to have more than 2 hedgehogs in it. The dimensions of this product are 33.5 inches long x 20.5 inches wide x 33 inches high, in addition to wire spacing that is 15/16-inches.

Ferplast Hamster Cage, Black

Ferplast Hamster Hedgehog Cage


This hedgehog cage is not only ideal for hedgehogs but also is a great fit for hamsters and other small animals. it features 2 floors, and it is made of a durable plastic and the base is transparent so you can see what is happening in your animal’s habitat. The upper level is made with the wiring. It features a water bottle that has a capacity of 75 ccs, a feeding bowl, a nest for sleeping, and an exercise wheel. It also features a unique fastening system to the mesh.

You will be able to see how much water your pet needs as it has an indicator, as well as a steel valve that is anti-drop. The dimensions are 23.5 inches long x 14.4 inches high x 11.8 inches.

Rosewood Pet Hamster & Small Animal Home/Cage

Hamster &-Small Animal Cage


This hedgehog cage by Rosewood Pets features a lot of great things that your small pet will need in a habitat. It is made with high-quality wiring and materials, and it features a food dish, a drop-in water bottle, as well as a deep base in order to keep the litter where it is. There are also extra levels as well as ladders and a tunnel. This cage also has an exercise wheel so your pets can dispell its energy and can stay healthy and happy. There is also a loft that is easy for them to hide if they need their privacy.

This cage is completely furnished, and setting it up is easy. The dimensions are 14.2 inches long x 19.7 inches wide x 17.7 inches wide.

Lixit Animal Care Savic Mickey 2 Mice Cage For Hedgehog

Lixit Animal Care Cage


This hedgehog cage was made in Belgium and it is meant for nice, hedgehogs and dwarf hamsters. It includes a metal wire platform as well as an exercise wheel, a feeding bowl, and a drinking bottle. There is also a house in the cage where your pets can hide away for privacy. It is made of solid metal as well as quality plastic. It is very easy to set up and the product dimensions are 31.5 inches long x 20 inches wide x 15 inches high.

Final Words

Now that you know about the 10 best hedgehog cages, you can make your decision based on what your needs are – based on how many pets you will want to adopt. Just remember that it is recommended to always purchase a cage that is fully furnished so that you don’t need to purchase anything else separately which can be inconvenient.

And, these pets absolutely need to get their exercise and burn off excess energy since they have a lot of it pent up quite often. You will also want to put the hedgehog cage in a room where you will not be disturbed since these animals are nocturnal and will keep you up otherwise. They do make a lot of noise, especially while they are exercising. Always make sure that the cage is sealed safely as the pets can easily get out.

Weigh the pros and cons of each hedgehog cage, and that is how you can determine which one is the best one for your pets!


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