Top 7 Best Recliner Power Lift Chairs – 2021 Reviews


A power recliner lift chair is quite the same as a regular recliner. The only exception is that it includes a lifting system that will tilt both the base and the chair forward to allow the person who is sitting to stand much easier. These power lift chairs are perfect for people with mobility issues or those who have just returned home from the hospital after surgery. The best part of these power lift chairs is that they can be fully customized for any individual’s needs.

(Top 7 Picks)

10 in 1 Power Lift Leather Recliner Chair, Brown


This power recliner lift chair is made from high-quality leather, which makes it quite comfortable for those who need to spend a lot of time sitting.  Everyone can use this chair to sleep, eat, watch television, read, and much more. The three pockets are perfect for holding necessary items that are used throughout the day.

What We Like about It
We like the extra padding that is included in this chair, because it helps keep its shape much longer. The back and the foot rest work together, so that there are no awkward or dangerous moments when this chair is being used. The pockets are a fabulous feature that will allow people to reach everything that they need without losing it underneath them.
  • Made from high-quality leather
  • Extra padding for additional comfort
  • Three pockets for holding items
  • Remote control ensures smooth and easy operation by anyone
  • Reclines to 135 degrees
  • Power lift can push the entire chair into an upright position for easy standing
  • Motor can be slightly unreliable at times
  • Needs to be at least three feet from a wall for it to recline, therefore not a wall hugger chair

Leather Power Lift Recliner By Divano Roma Furniture


The motor in this power recliner lift chair is so quiet that people barely realize it is running when they need the chair to lift. The material is bonded leather, which provides a durable and comfortable seating area. The remote control is included and attaches to the chair, so that it is never missing when needed.

What We Like about It
It is so easy to lose a remote control and we like the fact that this one is attached to the chair for easy access.  That feature will allow people to use it when they need it instead of searching for it and potentially having an accident.
  • Attached remote control for easy access
  • Bonded leather material
  • Silent motor when chair is being lifted
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight limit is on the lower size at under 300 pounds
  • Material is not as plush as other power lift chairs
  • Not many color options

Coaster 600398 Power Lift Recliner By Coaster Home Furnishings


This best power recliner lift chair is made with a chenille fabric that has some texture to it and there is a five-year warranty. There is a pocket on the side of the chair that holds the battery box for the power lift, but people can also use the pocket to hold a television remote or other items that they need.

What We Like about It
We love the softer fabric that this power recliner lift chair is made of as it offers a comfortable seat that people can use for hours at a time. While the power box does take up some space in the side pocket, there is enough space for other items like a remote or book.
  • Soft chenille fabric
  • One pocket to hold items
  • Comfortable to sit in for hours at a time
  • Lift works well for assistance at standing
  • Weight limit of 300 pounds
  • Fabric may rip sooner
  • Fabric can become stained easier as it is harder to clean chenille
  • We found just like many of the power recliner reviews for this chair that the motor can wear out quickly

Homelegance 8545-1LT Power Lift Recliner Chair, Bonded Leather – Dark Brown


This bonded leather power recliner lift chair will be able to lift a person up to 300 pounds. The padded arms and tufted back helps it support any body shape. The power lift mechanism can be used to take any person from a full reclining to a complete standing position in no time at all.

What We Like about It
We love the material of this power recliner lift chair as it will be easy to clean and take care of. The extra padding is nice under the arms and we love how anyone can sit down and immediately be comfortable. No one will find themselves shifting to find the perfect spot when they sit in this chair.
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • A person can easily go from fully reclining to standing with a push of a button
  • Bonded leather is easy to clean
  • Padded arms
  • Tufted back allows everyone to sit comfortably
  • Fits any décor style
  • Frame has some pieces that are made from particle board
  • While it states that it will hold up to 300 pounds, it does show some signs of wear and tear after a person half that size has used it

Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner – Power Chaise Lounger


This recliner lift chair has three different positions available and they can all be used with a simple push of a button. This chair even offers an emergency battery backup feature so that the chair can be used when the power is out. Both the seat and back cushions are zipped on to allow for easy cleaning and replacement.

What We Like about It
This may be the best lift chair so far, simply from the battery backup feature. That is an amazing thing right there, because people will still need to use their chair when the power goes out! We also like that the legs can be adjusted, so that there is no wobbling on uneven floors. The zippered cushions are also nice, but not completely necessary unless they truly do not last too long.
  • Hardwood and plywood are used for the frame
  • Power lift is heavy duty
  • Battery backup feature
  • Zippered cushions for easy removal and replacement
  • Ability to adjust legs
  • Three positions that can be reached with the push of a button
  • Works best for people who are not too tall
  • The width is quite small
  • Footrest will only go up if a person is reclining as well

Wall Hugger Recliner-Plush Comfort Recliner – Serta Perfect Lift Chair


This lift chair uses gel infused foam to provide the best comfort possible and it has been created to assist people of any age. Technology has improved over the years and this chair uses the best that is available. The power lift is quiet, while the remote control offers LED lights to ensure that the correct button is pushed at all times. The USB power port is a new feature that many people will love as their handheld devices need to be charged as they are using this chair.

What We Like about It
We love the idea of the USB power port in this chair as everyone needs to use one on a daily basis. The fact that the port is in the remote control is another positive thing as it makes it easy to plug in any device. The LED lights will ensure that everyone pushes the proper button, even in the middle of the night, so that there are no accidents in either sitting or standing. Since the motor is so quiet on the power lift, people can easily use this in the wee hours of the morning without waking anyone else up inside the house.
  • Gel infused memory foam ensures that everyone can sit comfortably
  • LED lights on remote control ensures that the correct button will be used every time
  • USB power port allows everyone to charge the device that they are currently using
  • Frame is made from hardwood and plywood
  • Will lift up to 375 pounds
  • Despite the fact that it is supposed to be a wall hugger recliner, this chair will need approximately two feet of space from the wall in order to use it as a recliner
  • Seat is a littler narrower than desired

Recliner Power Lift Chair By Giantex


This power recliner lift chair is made from high-quality and breathable fabric and filled with high-density sponge. The chair can be adjusted to any position with the use of the two-button remote control. The motor is very quiet as the chair is lifting a person up or reclining them downwards.

What We Like about It
We love the fact that this chair has breathable material, because some of the power recliner lift chairs can be unbearably hot at times.  The fact that this chair can be adjusted to any position is another plus, especially with the quiet motor.
  • High-quality and breathable material
  • High-density sponge filling
  • Can be adjusted to any position
  • Two-button remote is easy to use
  • Quiet motor when lift is being used
  • Only suitable for people up to 220 pounds when used as a lift
  • Sponge filling can become packed down after time

All our power recliner reviews are above and we liked many different things about each one of the options. There were a few quirks with a couple of them, but overall, they are fantastic power lift chairs. People will need to decide which option will work best for their needs, especially when it comes to weight and the type of material that they want. Anyone who is purchasing one will want to choose the best lift chair for them, even if it is something that everyone else would not have gone for. The reason for that is the person that is using it is the one who needs to be happy and they are the only ones who will know what is going to keep them comfortable and safe while they are using their power recliner lift chair.

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