Best Retractable Garden Hoses – 2021 Reviews


Retractable Garden HoseA retractable garden hose is a valuable addition to any garden because it is easy to handle, highly functional, and can be put away easily. Without the ability to retract, it can be an obnoxious task to put your garden hose away, requiring you to manually wrap it up.

Fortunately, there are many retractable garden hoses on the market, and we have put together a list of the best Retractable Garden Hoses that you can currently find.

Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose – Expandable Water Hose


This is a durable hose made from high-quality, lightweight material that will let you water your garden with ease. At 50 feet long, it can provide a lot of distance for watering, and the flexible material makes it easy to move around your yard at any time of day. Containing ¾ inch brass connectors, this is a hose that will not leak or burst. It comes with an 8-pattern spray hose nozzle, that lets you choose from a variety of settings for multiple purposes.

Whether you want to mist your plants, shower a pet, or wash your car, you’ll be able to find the right setting to get the job done. It also includes a free storage bag, so you can put your hose away and it hide it off in any corner of your garden after it easily retracts into its storage space. This garden hose is sure to make a welcome addition to any garden, and will be perfect for the gardener who wants to work as efficiently as possible.

briteNway Expandable Retractable Garden Hose


The briteNway expandable garden hose is a fantastic device for your garden, with an extremely durable exterior and great specs for anybody who wants a high-pressure watering machine. The fabric layer helps to prevent leaks and protect against external damage, making this perfect for the rough-and-tough gardener who moves with force. When filled with water, it fully expands to 50 feet, allowing you to carry it around your yard and water every corner of your garden.

Once the water is off, it quickly retracts back to its original size. This allows you to quickly and easily bring it back to storage without the hassle of needing to wrap it up and spend valuable time putting it away. Thanks to the intuitive design, you won’t have to bother with tangles or twists in the hose – it will automatically stay straight for you as it provides you with a powerful, consistent stream of water.

Asani Expandable Garden Hose


This double latex hose provides pressure up to 130psi, making it great for those who have suffered from low-pressure hoses in the past. You’ll really notice the difference as this powerful device lets you water your entire garden, expanding up to 50 feet for even the biggest yards. The hardware is heavy-duty, preventing leaks and allowing you to benefit from great water pressures for the entire life of the hose.

The polyester fabric cover for the hose protects it from outside elements and or other accidents, extending the life even further. On top of all this, the hose comes with a free nozzle and carrying bag. The nozzle has 8 different water settings, so you’ll benefit from a diverse range of watering abilities. It also has a built-in shutoff valve, meaning that you can control the water without having to walk back to your faucet every time. It is collapsible down to 17 feet, and when you shut the water off it will automatically retract, making for easy cleanup and storage.

Gardena Retractable Hose Reel – 82 Feet


This state-of-the-art hose can expand up to a whopping 82 feet, making it ideal for those with large, hard to reach gardens. It comes with a hose guide that is accompanied by a high-tech lock and release system that makes for some of the easiest cleanup and storage we have ever seen on a retractable hose. With one short pull, the lock will be released, and you can let go of the hose as the guide will do all the work on its own!

The hose guide bracket can be mounted on a wall or to the ground, and it even has a compartment to store extra nozzles, washers, or other accessories for your hose. It can be easily unmounted to bring inside for winter storage as well. It comes with a powerful spray nozzle that will be able to reach all corners of your garden as you bring the hose out up to 82 feet into the yard. The strong, durable material of the hose will protect it from leaks and other damage, meaning that this will have a long lifespan that will provide healthy gardens for years to come.

Legacy Levelwind Retractable Garden Hose


This smooth, unique winding reel system lets makes for easy cleanup, automatically sending the hose back and forth depending on how long you need it to be. It can expand up to 50 feet long, letting you water all of your flowers and plants, no matter the size of your yard.

It has an easy mounting bracket so that you can mount it on a wall, keeping it place to provide even more stability. A ¾ inch ID swivel makes for improved water performance as it reduces the flow restrictions of the nozzle. This fantastic device is made of UV-stabilized polypropylene to make for a longer lifespan and more durable performance.

SereneLife Retractable Garden Hose


This SereneLife product is a heavy-duty hose that makes watering your garden as easy as it’s ever been! With an Auto-rewind reel box, you’ll never have to wrap or fold up another hose again! Simply send the hose back to the box when you are done, and it will take care of the rest of the work. Even more, this hose comes with a durable nozzle that includes 7 different spray settings to allow you to pick the flow and style of water that you want for your garden. It doesn’t just have to be for your garden either – you could use this on a pet, on a car, or to clean the side of your house.

This expands out to 50 feet long, so there will be no worries about reaching the right parts of your garden. The reel box can be easily mounted and removed, allowing you to customize where you want to bring it.

Wasser Vela Garden Retractable Water Hose Reel


This fantastic water hose has the ability to expand to 75 feet and includes an automatic reel system that will take the hose in without any work on your part! Unlike many other hoses, it is easy to control when you want it to stop expanding, and it has a wonderful reel box that provides safety and stability when you need to store this hose away for the winter.

It includes a plastic pistol nozzle that offers five different water positions, making for a completely customizable experience when you want to water your garden or clean your home. With an easy-to-install mounting bracket, you get a 180-degree swivel so that you can easily take your hose in any direction for maximum coverage. This is truly a high-quality water hose reel that will provide plenty of coverage and convenience for many years in your garden and yard.

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