Best Soundproof Curtains To Kick Out The Noise – 2021 Reviews


Soundproof CurtainsIf you are tired of being distracted by the noise as well as the bright lights in your own home because of the activity and sunlight from the outside, you need to get the right curtains. This is why getting the right soundproof curtains will solve this problem. And not only will these curtains help keep your privacy intact, but it will help you provide a quiet environment for sleeping and for peace.

Additionally, these curtains also will keep you comfortable all season long because they have thermal and insulating features. You will want to know about the best soundproof curtains and here are 10 of the most recommended ones:

NICETOWN Patio Blind Blackout Curtain Panels – Soundproof

NICETOWN Patio Blind Blackout


Nicetown provides you with the excellent and beautiful soundproof curtains you need. It has a blackout layer that is sewn into 2 of the layers so it not only helps bounce the sound off but it prevents the streetlight shin or the sunlight from coming in which will be disturbing. These curtains measure at 95 inches long from the top and bottom which includes the grommet and it is 100 inches wide. It has 14 grommets that measure at 1.6 inches diameter and will fit most of the rods just perfectly. It is made with soft polyester, and they are also thermal insulated which means it will block out the cold during winter and block out the heat during the summer.

This curtain is easy to maintain as they are machine washable as long as the temperature of the water is under 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can use mild detergent as well. However, do not bleach the curtains and if you iron them, make sure that the temperature is kept low.

Turquoize Full Blackout Soundproof Lined Curtain

Turquoize Full Blackout Soundproof


Turquoize makes the best soundproof curtains and it is made with only 100 percent blackout fabric as well as faux silk satin. This curtain is a paired set as each of the panels measure at 52 inches wide and 84 inches long. These 2-lined panels include 8 classic grommets that are bronze and they fit perfectly with the rods that measure up to 1.25 inches. These curtains are also extremely smooth when it comes to sliding and they are also easy to hang, and the design is simple yet classy with a vogue decor.

This blackout curtain is insulated as it will not only block out heat during the summer and cold during the winter but will not allow sunlight to get it, and it will protect you against UV rays as well. A bonus to know about as well when it comes to these curtains is that it will help keep your energy bills down. These curtains are also very easy to clean and maintain. Be sure to wash it in the machine in cold water and put it on a gentle cycle, and use a tumble dry setting. If you want to iron it, be sure to set the heat on low.

Yakamok 100% Blackout Curtains, Thermal Insulated Soundproof Curtains

Yakamok 100% Blackout Curtains


Yakamok’s curtains rated well in the soundproof curtains reviews, as it comes in 2 panels for each package. The lined curtains measure at 84 inches long and 52 inches wide and comes with 8 grommets that are silver that measure at 1.6 inches diameter. And these grommets will fit many rods and makes it easy to slide and to hang. These curtains are made with complete blackout material which is a heavyweight polyester material. This curtain is designed to completely block out sunlight as well as UV rays to keep you protected.

These curtains also have noise-reducing features and will allow you to have the privacy you need in your home as well as helping you sleep in peace as well. This curtain is insulted as it will keep out the cold during the winter, and keep out the heat during the summer which will lower your energy bills. This product is green and is free of formaldehyde, chemicals, and other toxins. You can wash it in the machine in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach and if you iron the curtains, be sure to keep the temperature low.

NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

 Nicetown Soundproof Thermal Curtains


NICETOWN’s soundproof curtains made it to the top of the list in 2019. You will receive 1 panel of the curtain in each package, and it measures at 84 inches long and 42 inches wide which includes grommets that are matte silver and gorgeous which will fit rods that measure up to 1.6 inches diameter. This makes it easy to slide and to install.

Another reason that these curtains made it to the top of the list in 2019 is that the material is very high-quality as it is made with a blackout fabric that is heavy-duty. The layer in the middle is made with black yarn which will block out most of the light from the sun or from the streetlights.

The one thing you will want to do is get these curtains by the summer of 2019 so you can insulate your home to prevent the heat from seeping in, and also for the winter it will prevent the cold from seeping in. When you are planning for your 2019 holidays as well, you can show these beautiful curtains off to your guests while you are staying warm! It is also machine-washable but be sure that the water temperature is below 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and do not bleach either. If you iron the curtain, keep the temperature at a low setting. if your 2019 New Years resolution did not include getting these curtains, the year is not over yet and be sure to add it to your list.


NICETOWN Full Shading Soundproof Curtains for Windows

Nicetown Full Shading Curtains


Nicetown manufactures the best soundproof curtains as they give you two panels per package. And the measurement of each lined curtain is 95 inches long and 52 inches wide. They also come with grommets that measure at 1.6 inches in diameter and they are silver. These curtains are extremely easy to slide as was as to install.

The polyester material they are made of are blackout material and will block out sunlight as well as any UV rays, which will allow you to sleep in pure darkness and bring you the best privacy, and keep you safe from UV rays.

They are also soundproof and will block out the sounds from the outdoors which will add to your privacy and comfort, and they are insulated for the summer and the winter. You can wash the curtains in the machine as long as the water temperature is below 86 Fahrenheit but do not bleach. Always set the iron to a low temperature when you are ironing and keep the curtains away from sharp objects.

RYB HOME Flannel Soundproof Curtain Panels

RYB HOME Flannel Soundproof Curtain


Rb Home manufactures soundproof curtains that are half-blackout and is made with soft and plush velvet, and each package includes two panels. These curtains are gorgeous and can fit into any type of setting whether it is rustic or casual. The panels feature two sizes of the rod pockets which are on the top and it will fit most of the regular rods and can be hung in different ways.

And even though these curtains are not completely blackout they will dim the room and still create a dark environment for privacy and sleep. These curtains are insulated which will block the heat from the summer and the cold for the winter which is good for your energy bills. You can wash it in the machine and only use bleach that does not have chlorine and use can use the iron at a warm setting if necessary. Put it on a tumble dry low setting as well.

PrimeBeau Linen Textured 100% Blackout White Curtains

PrimeBeau Linen Textured Blackout Curtains


PrimeBeau manufacturers excellent noise blocking curtains to the point that they are two times more effective as others. They also are made with rich linen and the backing features a white color lining. This curtain will block out sunlight and also streetlights so you can sleep in peace and have the privacy you need. These curtains are also energy-efficient, thermal-insulated, mildew-resistant, waterproof and are also antibacterial which means they will keep you comfortable and safe.

They are gentle to the touch and are long-lasting and durable and provide a classy look as each package comes with two panels. And these curtains measure at 52 inches wide and 84 inches long. Their grommets are rust-resistant and make the sliding process easy. Only wash in cold water in the machine with non-chlorine bleach if necessary. Put it on a tumble dry low setting and set the iron to a warm set if necessary.

Eamior Living Room Blackout Velvet Curtains – Sound Reducing Heavy Solid Panels

Eamior Living Room Blackout


Eamior makes fantastic soundproof curtains and block out 80 percent of sunlight, and is made with velvet and polyester. They come in two panels per package and the curtains measure at 84 inches long and 52 inches wide, and these curtains are sophisticated and have a rod pocket design. They are soft to the touch and you must wash them in cold water in a gentle cycle without bleaching. Be sure to tumble dry at a low setting. And only set the iron on low, and you can steam clean the curtains to remove folds and wrinkles.

H.VERSAILTEX 100% Blackout Curtains

H VERSAILTEX 100% Blackout Curtains


H.VERSAILTEX makes great soundproof curtains that are made with elegant faux dupion silk and with a blackout liner that blocks out 100 percent of the sun and streetlights. This way you can enjoy your quiet and peace for sleeping. The liner also protects you and your furniture from UV rays. They are also heavy-duty, water-repellent, insulated, and keep you comfortable all year round while lowering your energy costs.

Each panel is sold separately and measures at 52 inches wide and 84 inches long with 8 grommets that are rust-resistant. They will fit rods that are up to 1 and a quarter inches and the installation is easy. Only wash in cold water in the machine and only use non-chlorine bleach if necessary. Put it on a low tumble dry setting and only set the iron to warm if needed.

Final Thoughts

Now you know of which of the best soundproof curtains to invest in so you can maximize your comfort, privacy, and ability to sleep. That is also because these curtains also have blackout features which will not only reduce noise but will block out the sun and other lights from the outside which causes distractions. Additionally, these curtains are beautiful and will fit in any type of setting. However, each of the 10 soundproof curtains is unique in their own way, you will only want to purchase the types that will fit your style in addition to reducing all types of distractions from the outside.


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