Top 10 Best Tactical Vests – 2021 Reviews


Law enforcement agencies that have specially designated tactical teams are generally equipped with a wide range of specialized gear. This gear may include a radio (for communications), several rounds of ammunition depending on what types of weapons they are carrying. To be able to carry all of the special gear each member of the team is fitted with a tactical vest.

Their vest usually comes outfitted with numerous pocket and pouches that are designed to hold a specified type of gear. A typical feature a tactical vest is that they are highly adjustable as to be able to be worn by an adult depending on their size. How they adjust really depends on the construction and manufacturer.

As part of our research for the article, we discovered several high-quality tactical vests and came up with a list of the 10 best tactical vests.

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest


The UTG Tactical Vest is designed specifically to be used by a wide range of law enforcement agencies. The heavy-duty construction means that it will be able to withstand the stressful situations often encountered by officers in the field. The rugged nylon mesh construction gives both extreme strengths in order to resist rips and tears, but it is also breathable.

There are dozens of uniquely shaped and sized pockets that are designed to hold specific pieces of tactical gear. The pockets feature secured closures which will vary depending on usage and will include; velcro, nylon buckle and zippered. There are two large internal pockets that can be used for storing maps and important documents.

The highly adjustable military plate carrier is designed to be one size fits most with quick adjusting straps that can be pulled tight to snug the fits. The zipper is made of heavy-duty nylon for longer life. It also features an extra sturdy nylon buckle to hold the vest securely at the waist of the wearer.

If you are the member of a local tactical team you really need to get yourself of these UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest.

Yakeda Tactical CS Field Outdoor Combat Training Vest


The Yakeda Tactical Field Vest is designed to be worn by adults who are members of law enforcement. The overall vest is made from rip and tear resistant 600D polyester material that is woven into a breathable fabric. This makes it both lightweight and extremely durable. There are numerous pouches and pockets strategically placed on the vest for ease of access.

There are a compact, detachable pistol holster and several pouches that will hold spare magazines. The pouches are covered by oversized covers with secure Velcro closures and EZ-grip straps. There is a heavy-duty zipper for keeping the vest securely in place and a heavy waist strap designed for an extra secured fit. Inside the vest, there are two extra large pockets that are designed to be used to store both important documents and valuable maps. There is also a place to put a refillable water bladder for holding a large amount of fresh drinking water.

This Yakeda Tactical CS Field Vest is a high-quality tactical vest that would be a good choice for anyone looking for this type of equipment.

UTG Law Enforcement Vest, Black Color


The UTG Tactical Vest is made of a rip-resistant nylon fabric with a heavy-duty zipper and adjustable sides which makes it where a wide range of adults are able to wear the same size. While outside is made of a tear resistant material, the inside features a more comfortable, quilted inner lining. This is especially important for those people who would be wearing one for an extended period of time.

There plenty of useful pockets and pouches specially designed to hold things like pistol magazines, flashlights, a radio. There are also numerous other ways to hold your ammunition including; flexible loops for holding several shotgun shells and several flexible loops for holding rifle rounds. You will also find a well-positioned pistol holster with a quick-release strap.

The UTG Tactical Vest is highly adjustable is designed to fit most every sized adult. The adjustable sides are designed to fit torso sizes 40-inches up to 54-inches. The vest also features adjustable shoulder straps which feature oversized Velcro fasteners.

The UTG Law Enforcement is a high-quality tactical vet that is perfect for any law enforcement agency with a tactical unit.

Tactical Entry Operation SWAT Police Military Law Enforcement Vest By Ultimate Arms Gear


The Tactical Entry Swat Vest from Ultimate Arms Gear is a high-quality piece of gear designed for military, law enforcement, and hunting. The vest features a heavy-duty, extremely durable nylon fabric on the outside and has a quilted material on inside for extra comfort for the periods of extended use. While being highly durable, it is still lightweight enough not to be too uncomfortable for the wearer.

The real secret is in how much you can pack into this vest including a pistol which tucks nicely into the attached holster. There is also a pouch large enough to hold a collapsible baton on the opposite side as the holster. There also plenty of pouches to hold two rifle magazines and pistol magazines as well. There are elastic straps designed to hold four easy to access shotgun rounds and five rifle rounds as well.

The military plate carrier is highly adjustable top and on the sides so that it is capable of being worn by a wide range of adults. The adjustable straps allow it to be cinched really close as make it more comfortable during high-stress times.

The Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Vest is designed especially for law enforcement and hunters alike. If you are in the market for a best tactical vest, you should look into this is.

Lixada Outdoor Airsoft Vest – Adjustable And Breathable


This tactical-style Airsoft vest is designed primarily for hunters, survival games, CS War Games and also simulated combat training. The highly breathable nylon mesh material is extremely strong and durable. While it is very strong, it is also very lightweight and is capable of holding a lot of specialized gear. The heavy-duty zipper is extremely durable and designed to last for many years of use.

The extremely large number of pouches and pockets all over the vest makes it really useful for a number of different uses. The vest features a quick access pistol holster and several pouches that are perfect for holding magazines for the pistol. There are also pouches capable of holding rifle magazines and four elastic loops for holding shotgun shells.

The vest is highly adjustable with the shoulder straps and multiple torso straps which can be adjusted to sizes small through XXL. There is also a waist strap that is also adjustable and can work perfectly regardless of your size.

The Lixada Tactical Vest is the perfect tactical style vest that would be a great option for everyone.

Yakeda Tactical CS Field Vest Outdoor Training Vest


The Yakeda Tactical Field Vest is an extremely comfortable vest while still maintaining its full effectiveness. The lightweight 600D polyester material is woven into a breathable mesh that is tough as nails, but still very lightweight. It has a heavy-duty zippered front closure and highly adjustable shoulder and torso straps to allow it to fit a wide range of size in the wearer. It also has an adjustable waist strap that helps to keep it in place.

The secret is in all of the pockets and pouches that it in order for you to conceal and carry a lot of stuff into a dangerous situation. On the outside, you have pouches for extra ammunition magazines (pistol, rifle and shotgun rounds) and it even has a detachable right-handed pistol holster. There are numerous multipurpose pouches for things like a knife, flashlight and other smaller objects.

The inside of the vest features a couple large pockets for maps and very important documents that you might need to carry. There are a number of internally zippered pockets and really large pocket that is big enough to hold a water bladder for a hydration system.

The Yakeda Tactical CS Field Vest is a great option for any law enforcement agency that operates a tactical unit.

GZ XINXING Black Tactical Vest


The GZ XINXING Black Vest is a high-quality tactical style vest that is designed especially for the serious paintball enthusiasts. It is constructed of a lightweight, yet extremely durable fabric that is woven from a 900D polyester material. It is highly adjustable at the waist on both sides and at the shoulders, thanks to very secure Velcro fasteners.  It is designed to be mostly a one-size fits most vest.

The tactical-style vest features a lot of pouches and pockets that allow you to carry a whole lot of stuff into paintball combat. It features pouches to carry up to two communication devices with Velcro closures to keep the secure closed. It has a large pouch for carrying a map and small medic (first aid) bag.

The GZ XINXING CS Vest is a great looking vest that would be a great choice for someone looking for a paintball vest.

GZ XINXING Tactical Airsoft Paintball Assault Vest


The Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest is a high-quality vest designed for a number of different uses from military training to paintball enthusiasts. It is designed to allow the wearer to carry an amazing amount of gear that they would be needing out in the field. Whether it is for play or for hardcore military training, this rugged vest can handle it all. It is made from an extremely durable mesh fabric that is made from a 100% nylon material.

As a tactical vest, it is definitely on par with many of the leading vests from other manufacturers. It is designed with multiple pockets and pouches that are capable of holding a wide variety of ammunition. Whether it is being used for paintball or military-style training, the numerous pouches will hold pistol, rifle and shotgun rounds securely. There is also an attached pistol holster, with pouches for up to three magazines.

The vest is designed to fit an adult from small to XXL and is fully adjustable with torso and shoulder straps. The mesh fabric helps to allow air to flow in to help keep the wearer cool and the lightweight feel will allow it to be worn for longer periods of time without much discomfort. The waist belt helps to keep it securely in place during the most active times.

The GZ XINXING Tactical Vest is a high-quality vest that would be a good choice as a tactical vest.

MOLLE Airsoft Tactical Vest


The Molle Airsoft Tactical Vest is designed to look just like a vest that you would see a law enforcement tactical team member wear. This would help bring a sense of realism to any paintball outing. The vest is made from a fabric that is woven from a high-quality 600D polyester material. It features ultra sturdy Velcro and nylon closures to help keep what is being stored in the many pockets and pouches located all over the vest.

There are so many pockets and pouches that are capable of holding a wide range of different types of ammunition magazines. It also has elastic loops for holding up to five shotgun shells and a number of other pouches that can hold a flashlight, pocket knife, and some other smaller sized gear. There is a pocket to hold a walkie-talkie or other communication device. There is also an attached pistol holster that will accommodate a mid-sized pistol and detachable.

The MOLLE Airsoft Tactical Vest, is a high-quality tactical style vest that is perfect for the person who loves paintball.

Finelux Tactical Molle Airsoft Vest


The Finelux Tactical Molle Airsoft Vest was designed especially for those paintball enthusiast that is looking for the realism that a tactical vest bringing. It is made from a highly durable fabric that is woven from an 800D Oxford polyester tan colored material. The shoulder and crisscross back straps are made from a soft nylon ribbon for extra comfort. It features extra sturdy Velcro and Nylon buckle fasteners to ensure everything stays closed and in place.

There are numerous large pockets that are designed to hold mission-critical equipment like a walkie-talkie, maps, ammunition and first aid/medic bag. There is waist belt with sturdy nylon buckle that helps to keep the vest securely in place. The shoulder straps are adjustable so to allow it to fit a wide range of adults. The special weave of the fabric helped to create a scratch and water-resistant surface.

The Finelux Tactical Molle is a high-quality tactical style vest that is made especially for paintballers.

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