Best Tactical Watches – 2021 Reviews


Tactical WatchA tactical watch is a special kind of wrist watch that is designed specifically with sports enthusiasts and security forces in mind.

There are no perfect tactical watches, and no “one true best tactical watch” but there are a lot of unique and highly recommended designs suited with very useful features.

The right tactical watch for you will depend highly on what you may be using it for or what your dominant interests are. Getting the best tactical watch for you will mean getting all of the right qualities that suit your situation and hobbies or lifestyle.

Casio Men’s G9300-1 Sport Watch


This watch is multi-function and packed with features, including a monograph, digital compass, tough solar, and thermometer. It is also shock resistant. All of these features can come in handy for one out camping or hunting, while at the gym, or for a man or woman in uniform. Casio launched their very first watch back in 1974, decades ago. During this time digital watch technology was relatively new on the scene. Casio aimed to build new timepieces that would lead the market. They had experience creating cutting-edge electronic technology, as they had previously done work with pocket calculators.

At this present time Casio is putting their focus on watches that are radio-controlled and solar-powered. The G9300-1 Mudman Multi-Fnction Sport Watch is solar-powered. Having a solar-powered battery means you don’t have to keep replacing batteries which has multiple benefits. Aside from making less waste you will also save money, help the environment, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of changing batteries and resetting the time.

Casio also recently launched some new watches that sync automatically to your phone, thus updating the time. When it comes to technology Casio is ever on the move forward.

Suunto Core All Black Outdoor Sports Watch


If you want an impressive list of features the Suunto Core All Black Outdoor Sports Watch is a good way to go. Your vertical movement is tracked with a built-in altimeter. It can also tell you the air pressure Trend with a barometer. The watch even has a compass. The sun and weather are tacked by the Suunto Core Outdoor Sports Watch, featuring a storm alarm, weather Trend graph, and the times of the sunrise and sunset for more than 400 different locations. This great feature will help you to safely plan any traveling or activities you may have in mind.

With a weather indicator, compass, barometer, and altimeter, this wrist-top computer makes for a stylish and extremely useful accessory. When it comes to outdoor adventures this watch has all of the essential functions. It goes far above and beyond any ordinary watch, it is a toolbox that provides you necessary tools which make adventures and discovery much more possible.

About The Company:

Suunto has been around since 1936 where they made their debut in Finland. Ever since Tuomas Vohlonen created the first liquid filled compass Suunto has lead the market in innovation. They have a long and impressive legacy when it comes to dive computers, instruments, and of course premium sports watches. These devices have been tested in the most severe and extreme environments on the planet. Suunto equips outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers with whatever they need to conquer the deepest oceans and highest mountains, both mentally and physically.

INFANTRY Military Tactical Sport Wrist Watch


This is one of the cheaper sport wrist watches available on the market, so it doesn’t boast quite as many features as those which run upwards of $100, which is understandable. It has a dual display and uses AL35 JAPANESE quartz as well as digital movement. It shows time in 12/24Hr military time. This Infantry military tactical watch is durable and tough. It features a large 50mm face, a dial window that is is anti-scratch mineral, and it has a silicone band which is made to be soft and flexible. The weight is 6.7 ounces.

The military watch is multi-function because it has a stopwatch, backlight, alarm, day-date-month, rotating bezel, and it is even glow in the dark. The watch is 30M water resistant which is ideal for many different sports. It can be used daily on your regular indoor or outdoor activities. It is not, however, made to go into the bath or shower with you. You should not swim with it on. Most of the reviews for this watch seem to be pretty favorable, and many say that it came larger than expected—for better or worse.

BINZI Big Face Sport Watch


If you are looking for another very inexpensive option this is it. You will be able to enjoy many of the typical standard features of a sport watch, without any of the super fancy features and frills, at a very affordable price. This watch features a backlight and it is easy to read so you don’t have to strain your eyes. The watch itself is digital and features an army casual design with Luminous hands. It can function as a stopwatch, chronograph, day-date calendar, and SIG/SPL/ALM. In this way it is highly multi-functional and useful. Although it shouldn’t be submerged in the bath or in swimming it is daily waterproof. It is a great watch to use while enjoying outdoor and indoor activities. Use it when you are running, climbing, camping, or anything else.

The digital watch face is hardlex and the casing is zinc alloy. The strap itself is made out of silicone and the length is about 240mm. The dial diameter is about 50mm and the strap width 24mm. The weight of this watch is around 130g.

INFANTRY Mens Big Face Military Sport Wrist Watch


Here is another inexpensive but pretty well rated sport and military watch. It is a dual precision watch with a dual display. It has digital movement and AL35 Japanese quartz. The Infantry Mens Big Face Military Sport Wrist Watch runs using 12/24 military time. It is durable and tough with a 46mm big face. It uses a flexible and soft silicone band and the weight is only 5.28 ounces. It has a dial window which is anti-scratch mineral. The military design is cool and all black. It has a digital siplay which can be viewed only when the backlight is turned on. Aside from the backlight it also features a day-date-month calendar, stopwatch, and alarm. It is 30M water resistant and ideal for many different kinds of sports both indoor and outdoor use and activities. It should not, however, be submerged in the water such as in a pool or bath.

The watch features large an analog-digital dual time display as well as easy to read large numerals. It has a watch case made of aluminum alloy, and a stainless steel buckle and watch back. The weight of the item is 148g and the case thickness is 16mm. The case diameter is 46mm.

Smith & Wesson Diving Watch


For any scuba divers out there this watch is an invaluable piece to own. The SWW-900-OR Diver black dial watch is a very special timepiece. It is made to go down with you into the deep with recreational scuba diving while still keeping up with your active lifestyle. It boasts a visible dial that can be seen in pretty much any kind of lighting conditions. It has a rotating timing bezel and plastic case as well as mineral glass which has been hardened and is scratch-resistant. This tactical tough watch can resist waters up to 660 feet in depth.

It has a tritium light source ensuring that it is sealed under high water pressure. The watch is also resistant to most corrosive materials including oil. This makes sure that the watch can give you more than two decades of constant illumination. It is extremely useful in any secors involving safety, protection, or emergency. It is also invaluable for sports enthusiasts, members of the armed forces, and adventurers. It comes with interchangeable rubber straps and stainless steel, the date display, and a rotating bezel.

Survival Emergency Tactical Watch


This impressive new watch features 8-in-1 functionality despite it’s affordable price. It has a glow-in-the-dark watch face so that it is still useful in whatever lighting. It can start a fire in a matter of seconds. It also features a compass if you are ever traveling or camping, a sun reflector, and even a whistle to call for help in case you are lost or in danger. The watch is part of a paracord which can be used to make a rappelling cord or establish a temporary shelter. This watch essentially has all of the vitals that you may need in case of an outdoor emergency type situation. It is a great watch to have for most outdoor activities including climbing, fishing, and camping.

The watch is made to be adjustable so that it can fit any wrist 8.5-11 inches. The paracord included with the watch is 12+ feet and it is 550 pound military grade. Most other more expensive paracord watches use less than 5 feet and 220 pound grade. It is easy to adjust and less bulky than previous watches. This watch is even water-resistant and woven by hand. Feel safer and more secure with this handy survival tactical watch.

YIDULA Survival Paracord Watch


The Yidula Survival Paracord Watch has black polymer bezel which uses unidirectional ratcheting. The black dial has luminous hands and the hour markers are black Arabic numbers. The outer rim features minute markers. It has a GMT scale. The date is displayed on the watch at the 3 o’clock position. Mechanical movement is Japanese and the watch is made to be durable. If taken care of and used properly it can endure a lifetime.

Use this watch as a survival tool. It features emergency paracord that has a minimum breaking point of 550 pounds and extends 12 feet. This watch is also 5ATM water resistant—submerge it for as long as 15 minutes. It even has a compass. Take it with you on your outdoor activities and adventures, whether you’re going backpacking, camping, climbing, boating, hunting, etc.

Traser TYPE 3 TRITIUM Tactical Watch


You will be able to enjoy 14 different tritium light sources on this watch. It has H/M-hand green, 12 orange, and 1-11 green.  It features the date and calendar. The watch is water resistant up to 99 feet and the case diameter is 38mm. The band is made out of leather and nylon.

According to reviews the crystal face is quite durable and very lightweight. The band itself is stated to dry fast and be quite comfortable. The tritium glow helps you to view the clock even in darker lighting setting. One review says that the glow from the watch is even bright enough to help you find a light switch.

Tactical 5.11 Titanium Watch


Either imported or made in the USA, this tactical 5.12 titanium watch features a titanium case and ShureShot calculator. It is resistant to water up to a maximum of 100 meters. An audible sound goes along with the countdown timer each minute. This impressive watch also features an hourly chime, chronograph, alarm, day, date, and 2nd time zone in addition to the countdown timer.

It has chargeable luminescent markings and analog digital readouts. When it comes to functionality and durability this is one of the ultimate tactical watches you could find. Unfortunately this watch isn’t equipped with a compass, but other than that it has just about all of the features and tools you might want or need in a tactical watch. It is not heavy or bulky and features two bands.


What features one person may need, another may not. Scratch resistance and toughness are good to look for and sapphire is one of the hardest minerals which is outmatched only by diamonds. Accuracy is also important which is why it is better to choose digital or quartz-based over mechanical watches. Luminescent hands may come in useful as well. You will probably want a tactical watch that has at least 10ATM when it comes to water and pressure resistance. Some may prefer analog watches when it comes to getting a more true feel for the time, which is perfectly okay. If you want to be discrete get a watch that has anti-reflective PVC coating. This impressive list of tactical watch reviews can help you discover the best tactical watch for you.

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