Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men (Gift For Him 2021 )


Looking for a great gift for a great guy? Tom Ford fragrance is just the thing for any man in your life. Tom Ford Cologne for Men is the kind of gift that is distinguished and refined. Tom Ford Cologne is available in a variety of styles and sizes so you’ll be sure to find the best Tom Ford Cologne for Men for that special guy. Here are our top picks!

Tom Ford Noir for Men Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Noir for Men


At this size, you should make sure your beau loves it as much as he loves you because it screams commitment. With a scent like this though, you really can’t go wrong. Created by the design house of Tom Ford in 2012, it is a distinguished offering that aptly blends the scents of bergamot, caraway, verbena, violet, and pink pepper for a slightly spiced and handsome fragrance that lends an air of mature complexity.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Ford Grey Vetiver for Men


This smaller size is a no-commitment one, perfect to give the guy that wants to try something new without burdening him with a large bottle. Grey Vetiver is more carefree with a spicy, woodsy scent that still creates a glamorous ambiance. Filled with warmth and speckled with brilliant citrus notes, this captivating Tom Ford cologne is sure to make your man feel distinguished and refined without feeling stuffy and old.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Men Eau De Parfum

Tom Ford Noir Extreme


It’s important to note that this cologne is not merely a stronger version of the original Tom Ford Noir. It is a fragrance all its own with its own distinctions. While both Tom Ford Noir and Extreme use nutmeg, Tom Ford Extreme is a lighter and sweeter fragrance for the senses. It’s blended with orange flower, rose, and jasmine, and while it lends those woody vanilla undertones Tom Ford is known for, it’s less leathery than Tom Ford Noir, giving way to warmer spices like saffron, cardamom, and sandalwood for a more youthful essence. It’s a pop of oriental mixed with amber and wood for the extraordinary man you know.

Tom Ford Extreme  Edt Spray 1.7 Oz

Tom Ford For Men


As mentioned above, Extreme is not merely a more severe version of its original form. It’s a unique fragrance entirely while still evoking memories of the other bottle. In this smaller size, it’s an ideal opportunity to get it as a small gift for someone special or to try out a new fragrance to see if one likes it before purchasing a larger size.

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille 50 ML (1.7 OZ)



This cologne smells just as a gentleman should. It’s refined and classic yet not staunch and overbearing. Melded with vanilla, cocoa, sweet wood sap and dry fruits, it gives a modern twist on the scent of a true man. Hints of tobacco with ginger round it out for an opulent fragrance that feels warm and iconic and is absolutely gravitating.

Tom Ford for Men 100ml 3.4oz EDT Spray

Tom Ford for Men by


A manly fragrance, Tom Ford cologne is a true gentleman’s cologne. It expertly pairs lemon and orange blossom with rich leather, black pepper, and tobacco for a fusion of fragrance that stands out and beckons with an aroma so desirable it turns heads. It’s the perfect blend of light and dark scents to create an original fragrance that bears the strength of woodsy tones with brilliant citrus notes for the kind of man that’s strong yet sweet.

Tom Ford Noir Eau de Toilette

Tom Ford Noir Eau de


Are you wondering what the difference between Tom Ford Noir Eau de Toilette is from Tom Ford Noir Eau de Parfum? The difference lies in the content of oils. Eau de Toilette is a lighter option, one that won’t last as long but makes for a good casual fragrance. It’s bright and confident just like he should be. It’s also citrusy yet herbal, melded with Bulgarian rose, verbena, violet and Tuscan iris. The lightness faces off with black pepper, patchouli, leather and vanilla to give an irresistible combination of sensory experiences. What you’ll find is something pure and simple, carefree and vibrant that any man can adorn any day of the week.

Tom Ford ‘Oud Wood’ Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Oud Wood


Perhaps the most coveted of all Tom Ford colognes is Oud Wood. Made from one of the most rare, most precious, and most expensive ingredients, this standout fragrance is exotic and distinctive . With rosewood and cardamom mingling along with smoky oud wood, it’s truly a rare fragrance for one to find. Along with sandalwood and vetiver, the distinguished fragrance is rounded out with amber and tonka bean to add warmth and a seductively sensual scent that no one can resist.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver for Men

Ford Grey Vetiver


Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is divine, but for a lighter option, choose the Eau de Toilette instead of the Eau de Parfum. For Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette, it’s an invigorating and inspiring fragrance experience that combines warmth with freshness. The cool tones of vetiver are blended with a citrusy yet woody scent. Along with Thai basil and bergamot, this scent feels cool, lively and incredibly bright. It’s an absolutely refreshing choice for a summer fragrance.


TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille


Azure Lime was created in 2010 by the design house of Tom Ford. This Eau de Parfum is surprisingly light, one that brings a bright, airy feel of citrusy notes to the nose. Despite this gentleness, it is a very complex and enduring fragrance that makes any man smell like the very scent of desire.


Tom Ford is known the world over for creating some of the sexiest clothing, sunglasses and fragrances. After stepping out from Gucci, his remarkable gift for pleasing both men and women in all senses is what makes his fragrances so revered. How will you know you’re choosing the right Tom Ford cologne for you? That really depends on what you like.

It’s hard to smell a cologne when you’re not in front of it. It’s a good idea to go to a department store and sniff them all out. Spray each Tom Ford cologne onto a card and get an idea of which ones you like. Then, spray the ones that appeal to you the best directly onto your skin, being sure to keep them away from each other to preserve the unique blend of fragrances. Why must you spray it on yourself? Your unique body chemistry will interpret the fragrance unlike anyone else. This can be a wonderful thing in that it could be the most mesmerizing scent anyone has ever smelled. Or it could work against your composition and truly reek. That’s why testing it out is recommended.

If you’re buying it as a gift, perhaps it’s best to assess what the man in question tends to gravitate toward when he chooses fragrances. Younger guys like a manly scent that doesn’t smell like their dad or grandfather, so keep that in mind. While most of the Tom Ford colognes have that distinguished, opulent and rich leather tone to them, they all seem to feel more in line with a younger man’s styles and desires.

Older men tend to go with Tom Ford Noir while younger guys often seem to enjoy Tom Ford Noir Extreme. But still, plenty of others find these two powdery and it really boils down to the scent test. If you want to avoid a potentially powdery scent, stick to the ones that blend more citrus into the ingredients for something that gives a light and refreshing scent.

By far though, Tom Ford cologne is known for the use of vetiver, a classic woodsy scent, and oud wood, a rare and unique scent that is beyond precious and intensely coveted. If you really want to send the message to your man that he is one of a kind to you, oud wood will surely communicate that without uttering a single word.

In short, Tom Ford colognes are a wonderful gift choice for any man for any occasion. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Father’s Day, and other occasions are great times to give your special guy the gift of Tom Ford cologne. Treat him to a distinguished fragrance that will help him command the attention of any room with purely luxurious brilliance.

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