Best Youth Catcher Mitts – 2022 Reviews

2022 feels like it has just started, but the spring is almost here. With spring comes the arrival of a new baseball and softball season.

Whether 2021 marks the first time your son or daughter is playing, or you are just looking for new gear, it can be overwhelming making decisions about what youth catcher mitts, bats, helmets, etc.… you should buy.

The list below will take some of the hard work away from you as we have already surveyed and found the best youth catchers mitt for you to consider purchasing for your son/daughter.

Before looking at specific youth catcher’s mitts, the first important question to consider is what size mitt you are looking for. Youth catcher’s mitts are sorted in two size categories, traditional and transitional.

Traditional youth catcher mitts have a 31.5-inch palm-size, while transitional youth catcher mitts are 32.5 inches and up.

Before deciding which mitt to buy for your son or daughter for the 2021 season, be sure to make sure that you are purchasing the right size mitt.

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Mizuno Prospect GXC112

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When choosing what to purchase, youth catcher’s mitt reviews are a good source of information. Mizuno is a leading name in not only reputation but also in the number of reviews provided by customers.

Those who are familiar with baseball will find it no surprise that Mizuno’s youth catcher’s mitts are consistently highly rated. Mizuno is one of the oldest and most respected names in baseball gear.

The Mizuno Prospect GXC112 is an excellent choice for a young boy or girl getting their start as a catcher. It is made of quality leather, and its patented ParaShock padding eliminates the sting that often discourages young catchers.

This glove also includes other patented technology that helps makes young catchers perform their key job for the team. The combination of Power Close technology and V Flex Notch makes the glove easy to close for young catchers.

Youth catcher’s mitt reviews suggest some slight conditioning and breaking in is needed for this glove. However, that is part of the fun of owning a glove.

All Star Youth Catcher Mitt

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If you are looking for a brand that specifically focuses on catcher’s gear, All-Star Sporting Goods is where you want to go. All-Star has 3 different youth catchers mitts to consider.

If your son/daughter is playing catcher for the first time in 2019, this model is one of the best youth catcher mitts. Made of soft leather and bound with rawhide, this mitt comes pre-broken in for your son or daughter.

The padding in the heel and palm of the glove are sure to provide more than enough padding to prevent your son or daughter from experiencing pain while playing catcher.

The adjustable velcro strap also ensures that this mitt will be the perfect fit for your son or daughter.

All Star Pro Comp CM1200BT

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The second tier of youth catcher’s mitt made by All-Star Sporting Goods is their Pro Comp CM1200BT model. This model takes the leather construction, heel padding, adjustable velcro strap and rawhide construction of the basic model and amplifies it just a bit.

Featuring premium leather, a higher quality rawhide lacing, and additional padding for the index finger, the Comp CM1200BT youth catcher mitt is a great choice for parents and children in more competitive and high-level youth baseball leagues.

Reviews of this mitt praise it for its attractive appearance and durability.

All Star Pro Advanced Youth Catcher Mitt CM1100

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If your son or daughter is an elite travel player or someone who simply wants the best of the best, the All-Star Pro Advanced CM1100 is the youth catchers mitt for you. Made of the highest quality materials (tanned steer hide and heavy duty rawhide straps) and featuring an extended pocket, this youth catchers mitt is built to last.

Not only that but the Flex Action Crease adds a degree of performance to All Star’s already excellent mitts. Unlike the CM1200BT and the basic youth catcher’s mitt, the CM1100 does not come pre-broken in.

Taking the time and care to break this glove makes it a perfect custom fit for your son or daughter.

Making the investment in a great glove in 2019 may just prove to final youth catchers mitt you will ever have to purchase as this glove is known to last season after season.

Rawlings Renegade – Best Youth Catchers Mitt

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The last youth catcher’s mitt in the traditional size is another entry from a well-known manufacturer. Rawlings has long been associated with baseball equipment, and their quality is known to far outproduce for its cost.

Their Renegade line of gloves is no exception. Made of quality leather, a deep pocket, and including index finger padding, the Renegade youth catcher’s mitt is an excellent choice for a first glove.

The one-piece solid web construction gives young catchers exceptional ball security as they learn the position, or allows those already comfortable in the position to truly excel.

This glove comes pre-broken in, and so it will be ready to play with as soon as you unwrap it, and it will last your son or daughter until they are ready to get a larger glove when they get older.Transitional Youth Catcher’s Mitts

Mizuno Prospect GXS101 32.50 Inch Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

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While Mizuno only has GXS101 in the traditional youth catcher’s mitt size, there are 3 options from this highly trusted brand in the transitional category. The first of their offerings is the Prospect GXS101 which features the same Power Close and V Notch technology as in the GXC112.

The GXS101, however, adds on a Power Lock technology that helps provide more ball security for the catcher. The Para Shock technology that provides padding and cushion is more important than ever as your child grows and the pitchers steadily thrower harder and harder.

Like all youth catcher mitts, this will require some breaking in, but reviews state that this is not difficult for a process.

The Mizuno Prospect GXS101 also features a striking visual character that is attractive for the youth who want a “flashy” glove. The use of all black leather with bright neon green lettering is a sure hit with the youth in 2019.

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

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Performance-wise, the GXC105 is very similar to the GXS101. Both gloves include the Power Close, V Notch, Para Shock, and Power Lock technologies. While the GXS101 featured flashy visual design, the GXC105 has a much more traditional appearance with a mixture of black and tan leathers.

The one substantial difference between the two in performance is that the GXC105 features a solid web that is preferred by some boys and girls in their youth catcher mitts.

Whichever visual aesthetic your child prefers, Mizuno has you covered.

Mizuno Supreme GXC94

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The last of the transitional sized Mizuno youth catcher’s mitts are the Supreme GXC94. This is the largest of the 3 mitts with a palm circumference of 33.5 inches.

It is the largest glove on this list, so if your child is bigger than average, this may be your best bet. It features the Para Shock padding present on all the Mizuno gloves.

The lack of the V Notch, Power Close, and Power Lock technologies may seem to be negative, but rather it speaks to the expected life span of this glove.

Most youth catcher’s mitts come pre-broken in, assuming that they will have a limited life span as your child grows.

The GXC94 does not come nearly as broken in, which allows for a longer life span, which is more fitting for a glove that may well last a child into adulthood.

Wilson A360

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Wilson is another major player in the world of baseball. Their transitional youth catchers mitt, the A360 is a great introductory glove for their product line.

Made of durable and lightweight leather, the A360 is a dependable glove that is sure to keep your child happy.

While it won’t be as soft out of the box as gloves made of cow leather, the pigskin leather construction will wear better over time, making this a glove than can hold up season after season.

Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series

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The last glove in the transitional category comes from a relatively new company, Akadema. Founded in 1997, Akadema is known for its high-end production quality and innovative technologies.

Designed with performance in mind, the Akadema AGC98 Prodigy was created with the help of Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter and is perfect for those who looking for the best youth catchers mitt are hoping to take their game to the next level.

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