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You might not think that a can opener can change your life, but you’d be wrong about that. When you find yourself with a can of tomatoes you need to open to make your famous soup or beans that you want to add to your chili, if you can’t get it open with your can opener, you’ve literally been foiled.

Not to fear though! With the right opener, you’ll never be left with a can of food that you can’t open. Here, we present the  10 best can openers for you from manual to electric.

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Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch

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Looking for the opener that does it all? Then look no further! This Smooth Touch by Hamilton Beach features a unique design that allows the blade to cut along the side instead of on the top of the can. Essentially, that means that the blade has minimal contact with your food. It also keeps food from splashing out or leaking, resulting in mess-free can opening. It also keeps the edges of the lid smooth so you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself.

Designed with an ergonomic lever, it makes using this can opener easy, requiring little strength to grip it. That makes it a great gift for an older relative or friend. The chrome and black design goes well with most modern kitchens, plus it’s covered by a 1-year warranty to give you peace of mind with every can you open.Go to top

ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift product

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This magnetic-topped product opens cans manually. Thanks to the magnet, it locks onto cans of any size, big or small, to safely and efficiently open them. It turns smoothly with a stainless- steel cutting mechanism that is designed to open your cans in just seconds. The comfortable handle has a soft touch grip that makes it easy to use even for those that suffer from arthritis. Plus, with that magnet, it lifts the lid off your can. You can use the lever release to drop the lid into the trash for safe and super-easy disposal without fear of cutting yourself.Go to top

Made in USA Can Opener (Black)

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Made by 4 Peaks Technology LLC, this design was first created in 1954. It’s the classic manual can opener, as classic as it gets. While the design remains much the same, it was modified in 2018 to keep up with modern times. Made from materials that are built to last, it comes with a customer promise guaranteeing replacement of any defective openers so you can buy it and use it with complete confidence.Go to top

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

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OXO is a renowned brand of kitchen gadgets. It should come as no surprise that it’s on our list of best can openers. This Good Grips opener offering leaves behind no sharp edges on both the can itself or the lid. The side-wind mechanism is patented and using it makes it easy to see why. It effortlessly cuts your cans open with simple turns and a soft-grip knob. Additionally, it’s dishwasher safe so you can always keep it clean and looking like-new no matter how many times you use it.Go to top

OXO Steel Can Opener

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Here’s another OXO product to choose from. This one, like the last can opener listed just above, is easy to use. The sharp cutting wheel makes short work of opening cans. The big, cushiony handles absorb pressure making no can too stubborn to open. Plus, this model features a built-in bottle cap opener, something that always comes in handy for any occasion. Unlike the other OXO model though, you can’t toss it in your dishwasher, but it is easy to hand wash.Go to top

Swing-A-Way Easy-Crank, Black

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This durable manual opener is one tough customer that cut through even the toughest can tops with ease. It’s made with all-steel construction so it can take a beating. The extra-long handle is crank-style, allowing for the best grip. It helps keep hands from pain and strain which is a smart design for those with arthritis or joint problems. With a cutting wheel made from high-carbon, it glides smoothly across the top of your cans without skipping, allowing you to open cans with no struggle. It comes with a handy built-in bottle opener and is hand-washable.Go to top

Smooth Edge Can Opener

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This is a simple manual can opener that keeps it real. It prevents the top of the can from falling into your food. Simply turn it completely around the entire can and the top pops off. It is a great and easy to use basic opener, though those with arthritis might find it more difficult to use.Go to top

Belinix Professional Can Opener

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This quality, rust-proof manual product not only looks good but also gets the job done. With a soft and ergonomic handle, it makes for an easy grip even for those with joint problems like arthritis. Created with technology that ensures an easy turning experience and a blade that stays sharp, you’ll never have to worry about can opening problems ever again. It also comes with a free bottle opener, in case you needed an extra perk to make your kitchen an even better place. Additionally, there’s a no questions asked money back guarantee on this product so you can buy with complete confidence.Go to top

Chef’s Best Choice Electric

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Looking for a basic yet quality electric can opener? This one is restaurant quality and features smooth-edge technology that will keep you from cutting yourself on jagged edges. Plus, it has a squeeze grip to help keep cans from slipping out of your grasp, a handy tool no doubt when you’ve got wet or slippery hands.Go to top

Manual Can Opener – Heavy Duty Stainless Smooth Cut

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Tired of can openers that leave sharp edges on the can and are difficult to turn? Then this one is for you! This manual product has sharp cutting blades plus a large and soft turning knob for easy use. The ergonomic grips make it the holy trifecta of easy can opening for everyone. The blades are made of stainless steel so they won’t rust and you can wash it in your dishwasher for easy cleaning. Plus, you can hang it out of the way if you wish with the hanging holes, ideal for saving space on your counter. There’s also a built-in bottle opener so you can tote it along for fun outdoors anywhere you go. And if you’re a lefty, no problem! You can use it just as easily as a right-handed person. It’s the can opener that thought of every can opening dilemma and solved it all at once!Go to topThings to consider

Now that you’ve seen the 10 best can openers, you’ll need to think about some things. For example, if this can opener is for you or a gift, think about joint issues. Opening cans seems like an ordinary activity until you have arthritis or other joint issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Choosing a can opener that makes opening it easy even with these conditions is the smartest choice.

You can also choose between manual or electric. Some people delight in turning it themselves while others love the ease of pushing a button to get the job done. Which one are you?

Other features you should look at are how smoothly the blade cuts through the metal of your cans. The smooth-edged cuts are the best for preventing any injuries from sharp can tops. Those with magnets are useful too because they keep the can top from falling into your food. And quite a few of these come with built-in bottle openers. While you surely have a bottle opener, having another one always comes in handy for parties!Conclusion

While you probably gave little thought to the world of can openers, hopefully we’ve opened your eyes to the possibilities of the types of openers out there for you. Choose which features are best for you and your needs and you’ll find the perfect can opener for life!

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