Evolution of Mobile Phones For The Past 10 Years – Infographic


Growth ChartSmartphones and tablets have become a staple in daily communication. These internet enabled handheld devices are efficient, reliable and fashionable, remaining a leader in electronics. While the modern phone has developed into a functional technology, it was not always the practical, speedy and appealing mobile we know today.We look at the evolution of mobile phones over the past 10 years and how these powerful yet small devices have transformed the tech realm.

The rise in the growth of mobile phones has seen this technology transition from basic call and messaging operations to internet access, 3D imaging and touchscreen functionality. On an international scale, smartphones have paved the way for applications and digital operations that were previously never thought possible. These tech savvy devices continue to change in appearance and operation supporting the need for smarter and easier communication.

Nokia was recognized as the first major phone manufacturer having released the 1011 in 1992, with GSM network cover. Samsung influenced the market with a 10 megapixel camera incorporated in its phone line in 2006 while Apple entered the mobile phone market in 2007. Since then, the past 10 years have seen the development of futuristic phones with competitive mobile features. It was 2008 that saw the initial release of Android systems including Apple applications.

Smart Phone In Hand Today, modern phones are used all over the world. These devices have become smaller, lighter yet more powerful; packed with its transformative technology to enable smarter communication and features that make our lives simpler. The evolution of mobile phones over the last decade has seen a significant rise in the number of users including subscription services.

Mobile devices have also paved the way for business. The modifications in applications and social media have allowed more brands over the years to extend its marketing efforts to the mobile screen. Mobile advertising has surpassed the billion dollar mark with countries including China and India believed to increase its phone connectivity by over a billion in 2019.

The past 10 years have seen incredible transformations in mobile technology but in no way are these changes set to hit a standstill. Top mobile manufacturers continue to invest in slimmer, smarter phones including unlimited online accessibility.

Evolution of Mobile Phones

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