Top 9 Best Ice Cleats – 2022 Reviews

Ice and snow that is common in many parts of the country during the winter months make carrying a normal day a bit difficult. This is primarily because depending on your daily routine you may be having to spend an extended amount of time outside in the winter months. This would definitely present an issue with your daily route takes you in areas that have a steep grade to get from point “A” to point “B”.

Fortunately, there is a technology that has been adapted to help people with this type of issue which came originally from ice and mountain climbers. They are also similar to footwear worn by baseball and football players for improved traction. The majority difference is the ice cleat is designed to slip on over your existing footwear. Unlike sports shoe, where the cleats are either part of the shoe itself or screwed into the sole of the shoe.

As part of our preparation for this article, we did a lot of online research for this type of product. We found a lot of customer reviews posted on a number of sites online and we came up with a list of 9 of our top ice cleats.

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STABILicers  Ice Cleat – For Snow And Ice

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The Walk Traction Ice Cleat is designed to make walking much safer for the wearer when walking on surfaces that are covered with a layer of ice and or snow. The key to the Walk Traction cleat is the multi-directional location of the steel cleat built into the bottom cleat itself. By staggering the steel cleats your shoes or boots will be much more stable as you walk naturally. The Walk Traction cleats are designed to slip on over your footwear and fit snug so there is no slipping.

The body of the cleats is made from the material using a proprietary compound called Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE. The cleats are extremely flexible and stretch to fit over your boot or shoe. They will still be highly flexible even if exposed to temperatures down to -45°. To ensure they are easy to slip on and off there are a couple tabs to pull on to help put them on or to take them off.

Pro Traction Cleats By Yaktrax

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The Yaktrax Proare designed to enhance your footwears ability to maintain traction regardless of the activity. Using an exclusive steel coil design that crisscrosses the sole of your shoe or boot to prevent a loss of traction causing slip and falls. The coils are attached to sturdy rubber straps and performance straps for securing the cleats in place.

The steel coils are made from 1.4mm stainless steel which helps to resist rusting and will not mar the surface of the coils. The unique design of the coil and rubber framework provides 360 degrees of superior traction regardless of who is wearing them. They come in four different sizes (S, Med, Large and X-Large) to ensure that you will be able to choose one that will fit your shoes or boots. The Yaktrax Pro  are really compact and can easily be put on just before you are about to go outside.

STABILicers Maxx Original Ice Traction Cleat – Heavy Duty

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The Heavy Duty Stabilicers Ice Traction Cleat is the top of the line traction gear for both work and play. They are designed to keep the wearer safe and to prevent slips and falls in icy and snowy conditions. This is accomplished using 17 strategically placed stainless steel studs attached to a rubber sole which is pulled over your shoe or boot. The cleat is then held securely in place using a SureFit polyester hook and loop binding system.

STABIL is one of the leading makers of ice and snow traction cleats in the business and the STABILicers Maxx is another great example of their ability to innovate. The unique replaceable steel cleats are placed to make every step you take to feel secure and prevents you from slipping. They can easily be put on and taken off again when you have reached your destination and placed in a bag. The Maxx Traction Cleat is the best of the best on our list of ice and snow cleats.

 G3 Ice and Snow Traction Aid By Due North

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The Everyday G3 Ice and Snow Traction Aid is a high-quality set of cleats that slip on and off quickly and easily. The unique 6 spike design gives your feet the perfect amount of stability regardless of whether you are walking on snow or ice. The super durable and replaceable tungsten carbide spikes are set in a proprietary pattern that provides an unequaled degree of traction.

The body of these traction aids is made from an exclusive rubber compound that will retain its full amount of flexibility which allows it to fit snugly on your shoe or boot. Even when temperatures drop well below zero the rubber will still retain its elasticity. The unique web design of the body of the cleat means that it is adaptable to a wide range of shapes and sizes of shoes and boots. The lower cost makes them like very appealing to the wider audience.

Traction Cleats For Ice and Snow By Limm Pro

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The Pro Traction Cleats For Ice and Snow are made specifically made for everyday use for those who live in parts of the country that get heavy amounts of snow and or ice. The unique TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material makes it extremely flexible, even when the temperatures remain below zero for an extended amount of time. The elasticity of the cleats means that you can literally fold them up and pack them away in a bag and pull them out when you are ready.

The traction is provided by the unique pattern that the steel studs are placed on the sole of the cleats. The cleats are designed to be worn with both shoes and boots regardless of the shape and size of your shoes. The versatility of the Limm Pro Traction Cleats is designed to be worn when walking on ice, snow and other unique situations. The Limm Pro Traction Cleats are a great option for anyone looking for a way to safely walk around in the winter time when there are snow and ice on the ground.

X-Lounger Ice Grippers,  Lightweight

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The X-Lounger Ice Grippers are made using only high-quality materials like stainless steel and rubber. The use of all stainless steel for the spikes and chains eliminates the possibility of rust ruining them. The rubber is made from a unique compound that allows it to remain flexible even in temperatures below zero. They are to designed to slip on easily over your shoes or boots and can be stored in the protective bag that comes in the package.

The 18 strong and sturdy stainless steel spikes are held in place using stainless steel chains. This unique design makes it easy to slip over most any shaped shoes or boots. The exclusive spike pattern helps to give you all of the support your foot needs to provide in order for you to be able to walk normally on snow or ice.

They are extremely lightweight and the fit perfectly in the storage bag for when you are not wearing them. They are perfect for the whole family as they come in adult and child sizes and also for men and women. The X-Lounger Ice Grippers is a quality ice cleat that gives you all of the traction you need to feel safe while walking on snowy or icy streets.

Yaktrax XTR Extreme Outdoor Traction

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The Yaktrax XTR Extreme Outdoor Traction feature one of the more unique and exclusive heel and toe plate designs. The plates feature sturdy steel spikes arranged in a way that won’t cause snow and ice to be collected on the bottom of your shoes or boots. The stainless steel chains and rubber body help to keep the ice cleats in place and secured tightly to your feet.

The Yaktrax XTR Extreme Outdoor Traction is one of the best ice cleats on our list and would make a great choice for anyone who enjoys going off the road climbing in the winter time. The unique combination of steel chain, rubber body and steel toe and heel plates makes them extremely lightweight and easy to store in the bag that comes in the package.

The rubber of the body remains flexible and fits snugly around most footwear and stays flexible even in temperatures that reach well below zero. This will give you the confidence you need to be able to walk on the snow and ice whether you are hiking on a trail or walking down the street in an urban environment. The uniqueness of the treat design makes it perfect for use off the road or for just walking down the road.

OuterStar Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips

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The OuterStar Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips feature a unique stainless steel spike, chair, and rubber in one lightweight and yet an extremely durable pair of traction control devices for your feet. The dual claw design each has 6 spikes and are interconnected by stainless steel chain to hold them in the most advantageous positions.

The cleats are held in place over each shoe or boot thanks to a highly flexible and durable rubber material that is able to withstand ultralow temperatures that are well below zero. The flexible rubber body pulls over your shoe or boot and the stainless steel chains hold the spikes in place under to provide the necessary traction.

The lightweight and foldable design of these crampon ice cleats make them very convenient to put on, take off and store them away when you are not wearing them. Be sure to keep them clean and wash them with water to rinse off any debris.

The OuterStar Traction Cleats are one the highest rated of all of the ice cleats on our list and are extremely versatile in that you can also use them for climbing year round.

Shoe Ice Cleats – Stable No Slip Grip Traction

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The Shoe Ice Cleats from Hood River are designed to be simple to put on and take off in order to provide a safe and convenient way to keep from slipping and falling when it is snowy or icy outside. They slip easily over the top of your boots or shoes and the steel cleats help you to be able to walk normally even when there are icy conditions and or snowy.

The cleats feature two ultra strong and durable straps that wrap around the top of your shoe and another strap wraps around the back heel of your shoe or boot. The straps are attached to the pad that holds five multi-spikes that provides all of the necessary traction. The straps are made of sturdy and strong nylon webbing and fastened with easy to adjust Velcro.

They are so compact you can easily put a pair of them in your glovebox, briefcase or handbag and slip them on quickly before you get ready to step out of your car. They will provide you with plenty of traction to feel safe when walking on a slippery surface from ice and snow.

The Shoe Ice Cleats –  Traction are simplest and least expensive options of ice cleats that we were able to find for this article.

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