Best Laser Measuring Tools 2022

Shopping for new tools and equipment can be daunting. You may not know what features you need, or what features you may find more bothersome than helpful. You may be looking around for a new laser measuring device, and you’ve come to the right place.

There are many products out there on the market, and sometimes it can get rather confusing. Below are listed ten of the best quality laser distance measure devices available. Some are basic models, others have memory and Bluetooth compatibility. If you’ve never used one of these devices before, it may a bit like magic, but I assure you it’s not. Just simple technology. Merely point the beam where you need to measure from and push a button.

Nothing could be simpler. And they can do so much more than your old tools, from figuring out area and volume. And Pythagoras contributes, too, providing simple three-point measurements with only two points available. Some laser measure tools are even Bluetooth enabled, capable of plugging your new measurements into existing documents or floor plans. So, if you’re ready to retire that beat-up old tape measure and join the twenty-first century, read on! Unless, of course, you’re going to miss that other guy need to hold the other end.

Top 10 Best Laser Measure Tools – Long And Short Distance

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Bosch GLM 35 – Compact Laser Distance Measure

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First, you may want to consider the Bosch Laser Distance Measure, 120 feet. The GLM is very accurate, measuring up yo 120 feet, with an error margin that is well under the standard. It also measures area, length, and volume, with continuous measurement and addition.subtraction function. All this power comes in a rather small package which will fit in any pocket and weighs about five ounces.

The GLM35 is simple and simple to use. One push of a button and you are ready to begin your measurements, It provides real-time measurements which will increase or decrease as you approach or move away from your target, Measurements are displayed on an easily read backlit screen for use even in the darkest areas.

All of this is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries, which come with the device, and are easily and inexpensively replaced.

Bosch GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure

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Bosch offers another version of a distance measuring device, the Bosch with Color Backlit Display CLM 50 C. This device may be slightly larger and heavier than the previous one described, measuring in at 11.2 ounces, but it is still compact enough to fit in your pocket. And you get a lot of extra power packed into those ounces.

This device can measure upwards of 165 feet with an accuracy of plus or minus 1/8th an inch. The color display is backlit for easy reading in darkened areas. And it is Bluetooth enabled, making it easy for you to transfer your measurements to any smartphone or Bluetooth capable device, by simply accessing the easy to use Bosch application.

The GLM 50 C’s inclinometer gives you some advanced features, such as angles. It also features advanced min/max features, along with double indirect features, and impressive stake out features. And just like your old faithful tape measure, the CLM 50 C will give real time measurements, decreasing or increasing the measurement accordingly as you progress. And it’s all powered by three AAA alkaline batteries, which are shipped with the device.

Tacklife Advanced Digital Laser Tape Measure

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Digging deeper, we find yet another high quality product is on offer from Tacklife, the Tacklife Advanced Measure 196 feet Digital Laser Tape. This device certainly comes with lots of bells and whistles to suit your every need. It can measure up to a stunning 196 feet, with an accuracy of within 1/32nd’. Its switchable from meters to inches to feet. It features a backlit LCD screen for easy viewing, and a mute setting to turn off those sometimes distracting and annoying measuring beeps, say in a library, classroom, or other quiet area.

This durable little machine will give you virtually any sort of measurement you need, be it the distance. Length, volume, continuous measurement, or Pythagorean method three-point, Its light weight of 3.2 ounces makes it highly portable, with a wrist strap for easy carrying and stability of use.

A low battery indicator will let you know when you need to replace the AAA batteries that power the device, and its orange and black color make it hard to lose. LOts of features in a small package.

DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Measuring Tool

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Next up, the Dewalt DW03050 165-feet Laser Distance Measurer. This model is an excellent choice for regular use. It is extremely light weight, at only 1.6 ounces, and its small size allows it to conveniently slip into virtually any pocket. In addition to distance, the DW03050 will calculate area, as well as volume, enabling you to make quick and simple job estimates. Pythagoras can help with those difficult times if point A is not discernable with point B, using indirect height measurements.

It has a memory which will store up to five of the last measurements taken, and a two-line display that is backlit for easy reading. This laser measure has an incredibly durable design that has been drop tested from a 2-meter height. The molded housing is water resistant and also resistant to debris. It is powered by two readily available AAA batteries.

Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure

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If those don’t strike your fancy, there are still others available. One such other quality offering coming by way of Bosch is, the Bosch Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure, 65 feet GLM20. This device offers the excellent accuracy rating over a range of greater than 65 feet. It will give measurements in your choice of different units of measure.

The GLM20 laser measure is easy to use, with one button operation, one press to take the measurement, another to hold it. And will fit easily into any pocket, making it ideal for any job site, allowing you to make quick and accurately size up the job in question. Similar to a measuring tape, the distance will vary as you approach or move away from the target.

The backlit screen allows measurement to be read easily in any environment. Convenient to carry, easy to operate, and very accurate, What’s not to like?

Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft With Bluetooth – Laser Measure

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For those larger jobs, you may want to consider the Leica DISTO D2 laser measure, This one certainly has a lot to offer, capable of measuring up to 330 feet with an accuracy that is impressive. It boasts a Pythagoras function for indirect height or width measurements, and last ten measurement storage.

It also features Bluetooth, allowing you to transfer any acquired measurements into software as needed. As with most other laser measuring devices, it will also calculate area and volume. And it also has an intelligent automatic end piece to allow for easy measuring in corners.

The DISTO D2 laser measuring tool, powered by two AAA batteries, which are included, with each change of the battery providing about 10,000 measurements. The whole package contains a soft carry pouch (although the device is certainly small enough and light enough to simply slip into your pocket), a wrist lanyard, and a quick start guide. Everything you need.

Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

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The next offering and one of my personal favorites, worthy of your consideration is another product from Tacklife, the Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure. In my personal opinion, Tacklife makes a range of products that are all built to superior standards. This sturdy rubber device has a unique two bubble levels, providing more accuracy than the standard one bubble systems. This allows it to provide measurements of upwards of 196 feet, with an accuracy comparable to others in the same category You can easily switch between measuring modes.

From meters to feet/inches to inches, and can silence the occasionally unwanted beep. The large LCD backlit screen provides easy visibility, it soft carrying pouch protects it from dust, whether in storage or at a jobsite, and its light weight and small size make it easily pocket portable. The HD60 laser measure has all the features you will need, from data storage for up to 30 groups, automatic calculation of area and volume, continuous real-time measurement, Pythagoras measurement, to addition and subtraction and automatic shut to preserve battery life after 150 seconds of non-use.

All powered by some simple AAA batteries, which come packaged with the unit when you purchase it.

Morpilot 196ft Laser Measure – Measure Distance, Area

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Another excellent product to consider is the Morpilot Model HM60 laser measure. This device, with dual bubble tech, offers a measurement range of 196 feet with accuracy with amazing accuracy. Measurements are displayed on an easy to read backlit LCD screen, and these measurements can be made in meters, feet.inches, or inches.

The HM60 laser measure will also calculate area and volume, use Pythagorean method for three-point calculations, and increase/decrease measurement as you move away from or toward the target. Speaking of targets, this device comes with an enhancement target card and glasses to sharpen the visibility of the laser line or point in daylight. Great little addition!

The rugged rubber casing and an easy use keyboard, make this device comfortable to use, and durable enough to take anywhere. A low battery indicator will tell you when those two AAA batteries are close to dying, and a 150-second automatic shut off will keep them running as long as possible.

BEVA 131Feet Digital Distance Meter with Large LCD Backlit

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BEVA also offers an excellent choice for your consideration, the BEVA Laser Distance Measure. The device will measure upwards of 131 feet (40 meters) with good accuracy. As expected, the device can be easily switched from meters to feet/inches, to inches, and features a large easy to read backlit LCD display. Its multifunctionality provides measurements of distance, area, volume, as well as Pythagorean measurement for those circumstances where direct measurement is not possible.

The mute function comes in handy for those indoor areas where quiet is necessary, and its memory function allows access to the last 20 measurements with ease. It rugged case protects the measuring device from water and dust.

The device is extremely portable, coming with a wrist strap as well as a belt clip. This is a dependable, affordable laser measure device, suitable for most needs, and runs on 2 AAA batteries.

Leica DISTO D1 130ft Laser Distance Measure

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Last up is yet another quality product, certainly worthy of your consideration, the Leica DISTO D1. The DISTO D1 best laser measure tool offers simple two-button operation without sacrificing the professional quality offered by all Leica Geosystems products. It can measure upwards of 130 feet with incredible accuracy, while distance tracking or taking a straight line measurement. But, more than anything else, it provides Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to communicate with any intelligent device using Bluetooth 4.0.

This includes allowing access to the Leica Disto sketch app which gives you the ability to create simple floor plans, or to overlay new lines and measurements in the field (available in IOS and Android). All this makes it an ideal choice for the architectural or construction specialist as well as the DIY hobbyist. And, as with all the other devices listed, it is powered by simply AAA alkaline batteries, which are packaged with the product and are readily available when it’s time for replacements.


So, there you have it – ten best choices in the laser measurement device market. Some are simple, some are more refined, but all are more adequate to fulfill your needs. The ones listed above are all rugged, sturdy devices, able to stand up to long hours in the field, or long weeks of disuse in a dusty tool shed.

These laser measure tools operate on simple AAA alkaline batteries, so there is little to concern yourself about if for some reason the device has remained powered up. Each one is a 1mW Class 2 laser, making them safe for eye contact after 2 feet. That should certainly be safe enough, as it is highly unlikely that you will be tempted to shine the beam directly into your eye! This is the power of the common laser pointers used in the classroom.

Whether you’re a simple home handyman, or a hard-working professional, one of the many choices above should provide all that you need to complete your projects, without breaking the bank when it comes to budget and finances.

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