LG 86 Inch TV Review – 2020 Deep Dive



A Deep Dive Into The LG 86” TV

For something that was once called just a fad, this television has certainly done well for itself. It has one of the biggest screens currently available and comes with an integrated Alexa module to make it compatible with the very latest smart home technology.

The screen color, along with the cutting edge Dolby speakers make this a powerhouse for any home theater arrangement, letting you enjoy your favorite shows and movies in the absolute peak of entertainment technology.

The driving force behind this television’s exceptional performance is the LG ⍺7 Gen2 processor core, powering a machine-learning matrix that can intelligently detect what colors and particle speeds will be necessary for any given piece of programming and adjust the screen’s display accordingly. This means that as you watch, the screen will automatically begin to change the settings for individual patches of the screen, adjusting brightness, contrast, and preparing colors to display to minimize the lag between color changes and make truer to life pictures.

Aside from having a powerful processor behind them, the screen pixels themselves represent a leap forward in imaging technology. The individual pixels have been resized to only one nanometer apiece, allowing many times the normal pixel count of other screens and creating unprecedented sharpness in the display. This also allows for more realistic blends of colors to be produced, as hundreds of more pixels per square inch display any given color for a more vibrant overall picture.

Unlike many other devices, which are calibrated to work with only one computerized assistant, this television is compatible with many digital assistant programs, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and LG ThinQ. This gives considerable freedom to a user trying to hook up their television with a smart home system. Just select the desired option and your television should connect with no additional drivers or adapters needed.

Along with digital assistant capabilities, the screen can also file share using programs such as Apple AirPlay. You can share, play, and screen your favorite content onto the television without the need for a physical connection. While Apple AirPlay is preloaded to this device, other systems are supported. Keep in mind that some other programs will require third-party downloads or paid subscriptions to be fully functional.

For all the great video quality you will get with this television, that’s not all that it packs. Alongside the super-definition screen is a full Dolby speaker capable of adding great sound quality to your video experience with no external devices. While the speakers work great on their own, they also have the option to pair with separate audio equipment; this can greatly improve your experience but will require a separate transmitter key to work.

Who’s It For?

This television is a great choice for anyone looking to make themselves a home theater setup. It includes in a single device nearly everything you need to have an optimal entertainment experience. This multimedia experience makes it ideal for a conference room or convention hall as well, giving plenty of real estate for multiple windows and side-by-side graphics to be displayed and powerful enough audio to be heard clearly by everyone present.

The screen’s considerable size means that this is not a product for anyone looking to outfit a cramped room. Even if you think you have enough wall space, it is well worth getting out a tape measure and checking again. You will also need to make sure that your walls are strong enough to support the mounting. Many people who buy an exceptionally large television forget that such devices can tear themselves out of the wall over time.

Those shopping on a budget may want to consider other less expensive alternatives. The cost of shipping, handling, and installation will be an additional $1,000USD above the purchase price of this TV. Unless you are dealing with a significant amount of disposable income, there are plenty of other options out there that you should look at first.

What We Like About The LG 86”

There is no denying that this television does an incredible job of video reproduction. The nanometer screen and machine-learning visual processor combine to create a breathtaking degree of color sharpness and image speed, able to handle even the highest level of gaming or video with ease.

It’s a treat not to have to worry about the television is compatible with your other devices, and LG puts that concern to rest in a hurry. Nearly every mainstream program is fully supported, and LG ThinQ comes pre-installed if you don’t have your own. File sharing is similarly flexible, so you can add anything you need to right through your TV.

What We Don’t Like About The LG 86”

For all the convenience and enjoyment once it’s on the wall, actually getting this installed is a serious hassle. To begin with, the price is at the high-end beyond the reach of most ordinary people. Setting it up requires not only 86” of available wall space but also a wall made out of something thick and strong enough to support the weight of the entire monitor for the long term.

The multimedia experience has two main shortcomings: first, the audio has only two channels, limiting the range of devices you can attach at any one time. Additionally, there is no option to get this television with an integrated modem. A dedicated connection would make this device considerably simpler to hook up and give your house an all-in-one media hub.


  • Nanometer pixels allow for unprecedented pixels per square inch and extreme true-to-life colors
  • Intelligent processor boosts image quality
  • Integrated high-definition sound with external audio pairing options
  • Fully compatible with all leading smart home and digital assistant technologies
  • Supports most file-sharing solutions


  • Screen’s exceptional size and weight make finding a suitable mounting option difficult for the average homeowner
  • Exceptionally costly, not for those with any budget constraints

What’s Included?

Most of the value in this television is built into the screen body, with few physical accessories of any kind. Besides the screen itself, buyers can expect a power cable, a mounting foot, and the proprietary remote control to navigate the various menus, both for television programming and your smart home systems.

This television does not include a webcam, so have one on hand if you’re planning a video call. Also missing are any external speakers or removable media ports – all content is supposed to be streamed.

Many users are justifiably concerned that the mounting foot is too narrow for the weight and width of the screen, but they are on their own. This television does not include any kind of stabilizer. There is also no wall mount included, a serious omission in a screen of this size.

Overview Of Features

The first and foremost feature anyone looks for in television is image quality, something this television delivers in spades. LG combines three separate next-generation image enhancement technologies in one monitor, including nanometer pixels for higher definition, machine-learning image processors, and localized dimming to make the picture truer to life.

This all makes for an exceptionally sharp and very true-to-life image, with one drawback: it is hard to see without ambient light, as the screen will actually grow darker if the picture itself is supposed to be of a dark subject.

Keep in mind that the screen has no blue-light or anti-glare filter, and certain viewing conditions may cause eye strain or hazy pictures. It is well worth testing the screen around the house to find which room offers the best viewing experience.

This screen is meant to become the center of your smart home and includes a highly intuitive menu to link devices and functions through the television. This gives you a central control panel for everything on your house’s network, along with real-time viewing of which ones are in use and a number of controls to add to limit device function as necessary.

It wouldn’t truly be a smart home device without a digital assistant, and this television supports all mainstream assistants as well. Amazon’s Alexa and LG ThinQ are both preinstalled, and you can add Google Assistant and iOS’s Siri with just a few clicks.

The one thing that this television is missing to be the ultimate smart home hub device is an integrated modem; a hardwired and powerful internet connection is recommended to support all of the functions this television will be performing.

Thanks to the lack of any media ports, this television relies almost exclusively on streaming to view content. All major streaming and sharing services are supported, including leading game consoles, Chromecast, and Apple AirPlay.

Although you have your pick of any or all of them, they can only connect one at a time, so you will need to toggle between streams manually. Also, keep in mind that only Apple AirPlay is preinstalled, and other streams will need to be added one by one and may require a third-party subscription to work.

Other input options are somewhat lackluster, as there is neither a camera nor microphone built into the television. Video calling or online gaming will require external hardware compatible with one of the streaming options you have installed. The screen has speakers pre-installed but they are not particularly powerful, and an external audio array is highly recommended to enjoy this television to the fullest.

The mounting foot is easy to install but puts the screen on a fairly precarious balance; additional support at the ends is highly recommended. For those that would rather not take the chance, there is a wall-mounting grid on the back panel; make sure to check that both your chosen wall mount and the wall itself are strong enough to support the screen’s weight.

The device carries a limited warranty of one year for all parts and labor. Activate this as soon as possible after taking delivery, as waiting too long from the date of delivery could void the warranty and leave an expensive screen uninsured. Several buyers have reported their screens arriving damaged, with special mention of the mounting foot and back panel, so make sure to inspect these areas carefully before accepting the delivery of the item.

Review Summary

This television is far more than just a monitor to watch shows or play games; it is intended to be the new center of a coming generation of smart homes, and in fact, comes close to being the perfect hub for your house’s network.

These same features make it great to use as an office hub as well, giving you a single point of connection for an entire office system’s worth of multimedia devices and plenty of room to split-screen for remote meetings or teleconferencing.

For all that this has to offer, though, it is still not the perfect smart screen; it is missing a number of pieces of gear that come with other smart screens and could have been included in this one for only a small increase in cost. The software is quite rapid and intuitive but could benefit from being able to sync two streaming services at once.

Buyers should make sure that the screen will fit in its intended spot well before making this purchase, using a tape measure and a wide margin of error if possible. Take care to find a route for the device to be brought into the room ahead of time. No one wants to finally get a new television and then break it trying to wedge it through a door that is too small or at the wrong angle.

It is worth reiterating that this screen is not for those who are frugally minded; not only is it exceptionally expensive by itself, but the shipping, handling, and installation costs will likely run up the price to no small degree by approximately another 25%. Additionally, most of the functions are of limited usefulness unless you have a smart home to utilize these features from this television, so getting the full use out of it will mean an even further investment.



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