LG SK6Y 2.1 ch High Res Audio Sound Bar Review – 2020 Deep Dive


A Deep Dive Into The LG SK6Y

This is a device known as a soundbar, designed for the purpose of combining all audio tech of any purpose into a single, innocuous device sitting just below your television screen. Although many soundbars try to keep up with the latest word in entertainment technology, this one definitely takes a few steps further than the rest.

Just to begin with, this bar’s sound adaptation is a cut above. The highly detailed and precise reproduction turns any media into highly immersive audio, perfectly simulating both sound height and angle with no need for a full surround system. That’s not to say that it can’t work with a full surround sound setup; this particular model is sold ready to work with leading brands like Dolby and Meridian speakers and can power other surround systems after only a modicum of adjustment.

Along with the leading speakers, there is one other brand that this bar is designed to work with; LG has taken pains to make it fully compatible with Google products like Chromecast and Google Assistant, so any device running Google media features should be able to easily pair and play with this bar. This frees the users from the need for wiring or installing a separate sound driver on their mobile device.

The sound quality is naturally something to enjoy, playing full stereo with zero loss and a newly boosted bit range and sampling rates. Multiple sound drivers tuned to distinct scales make this soundbar capable of producing any tone, high or low, with even quality, letting the user enjoy true-to-life sound no matter what they’re playing.

In all honesty, the onboard controls on this aren’t the best, but don’t worry too much about that; this bar comes with its own remote control to spare you the hassle of fiddling with it by hand. Aside from the native remote, the unit is also fully adaptable to other television remotes and should synchronize automatically to any television to which it is attached.

That’s not all this soundbar does on its own – intelligent audio profiling is also included, keeping every show or movie playing in the perfect volume and tone range for maximum enjoyment.

Different genres and media forms – action, romance, drama, and so on – will have different sounds, and require different drivers; this soundbar can analyze your chosen media and divert power to the drivers differently depending on which ones will be needed the most for any given clip.

Who’s It For?

Anyone who needs a home sound system will find this device useful; it makes it easy to hook up large-scale audio from a number of sources in short order. Small businesses or conference rooms might also find it useful, as it allows for easy audio pickup as well as output and syncs well with most conferencing platforms.

This is not a production-level sound array, of course, and is unlikely to help at parties or rallies; additionally, it is very much an indoor item, and will not be the best choice for anything outdoors. It is not recommended when there might be a need for discreet audio, such as in a shared apartment or smaller office.

Because this device is heavily optimized for Google systems, those using other media may find it hard to connect properly. This can be solved relatively quickly, as Google makes its services fairly widely available across devices and platforms, but is still worth taking into consideration when asking if this device is for you.

What We Like About The LG SK6Y

As a soundbar, it gives an excellent accounting of itself, blending seamlessly with most home theater systems or conference call setups and providing an impressive audio experience in every occasion. The simulated surround makes any playback a fully immersive experience with no need for additional audio, and the intelligent tone adjustment makes a serious difference in creating rich, true-to-life sound when playing more exotic audio profiles.

What We Don’t Like About The LG SK6Y

As convenient as it can be if you have the right software, it would have been nice for the compatibility measures for Google had been reproduced for other mainstream systems. Apple and Windows users will likely make up a fair share of this device’s buyers and should be able to hook up to it with a minimum of effort.

Although it syncs well once properly set up, this device can be difficult to get working the first time; getting it through the initial setup can be a pain and may need to be done a few times before it works smoothly. Physically speaking, the cords are on the short side and may require extensions unless positioned near an outlet.


  • Fully compatible with Google Assistant and Chromecast
  • High-definition simulated surround sound
  • Integrates easily into existing home entertainment systems
  • Native remote included but will adapt to a television remote as well
  • Multiple input channels to let you pair several devices and cycle between them with minimal delay


  • Power cords are annoyingly short
  • Compatibility issues with casting systems other than Chrome

What’s Included?

Most of the value for this product is on the inside – not much else in the box with it besides packaging material. Buyers get the soundbar and cords and a subwoofer unit to be placed as near to center as possible for the best sound distribution. There is also a user’s manual to walk you through the steps of linking to a device and a remote controller with batteries included.

Not included is an adapter for either power or input, so you will need to either use the appropriate cables or buy the adapters separately. There is also no stand-alone microphone or control board included; everything will need to be done by rote memorization of which devices were linked in what order.

One particularly unwelcome omission from this package is a mounting solution for those with nowhere to properly place the device besides the floor. Although it would have minimal effect on the sound, it would still be more convenient than leaving the bar on the floor.

Overview Of Features

From pure physical dimensions, this soundbar is unremarkable, measuring 41.7 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches and weighing in at just over 18 lbs. This is more or less the industry standard, with perhaps a few centimeters difference in width and weight between devices.

Far more impressive than the size and weight of the bar is the software package it contains. LG went overboard on compatibility features for this device, using a machine-learning engine and automatic detection programs to let it seamlessly insert itself into any home theater. The bar detects and applies all the best settings and needed connections (save for hardwired ones) with no need for the user to get involved.

It’s possible to pair this soundbar with mobile devices for consoles of one kind or another with relatively little effort, although you will need to double-check the media to be introduced to make sure it is using the same method of transfer as the soundbar. Linking a device for the first time can be tricky, so don’t get too steamed if it doesn’t go right the first time.

The remote controller has a decent layout, even if some of the buttons are confusing without the manual nearby; it is not particularly intuitive to use but not hopelessly obscure either. Batteries are included, a big plus whenever buying something with a remote.

As its main drawing point, the simulated surround from this bar is exceptional; in an indoor setting, it can produce realistic surround sound, emulating not only direction but height of the sound as well. This can be used alongside a surround system as well, making for a fully immersive audio experience.

Matching devices can get tricky with this bar – although most Google functions, such as Google Assistant and Chromecast, are fully supported, other systems or services can have a rough time of it. Apple users in particular report problems with a wireless connection, although sired connection seems to work well across the board.

This model runs at 33w, which many people report as being too low a draw for a full speaker bar. To counter this, the speaker emphasizes zero-loss playback, which prevents any reduction in clarity after the original has been played; this makes it far easier to hear any given sound, even on low power.

Review Wrap-Up

Based solely on its capabilities as an audio device, this is a good, high-end soundbar that will make the finishing touch for a home theater system or high-tech multimedia conference room setup. The simulated surround and multiple features to boost audio precision make it great for either one and without needing an overly large footprint to do so either.

As backup audio for computers or phones, it is something of overkill. The setup makes it not totally worth the time, and there are technical complications that will drive users to simply use any built-in speaker they can instead.

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