Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight

When it comes to cycling, fitness is all too often for the fit. The vast majority of gear is designed for those in peak condition, able to go long distances or achieve impressive speeds. To a certain degree it makes sense – after all, cycling gear of any kind is usually costly, and there is sense in manufacturing it for those who use it most.

That said, those out of condition are well advised to get into cycling as well. It is a healthy pastime with a host of supplementary benefits. Cycling gear for such people is available.

Bicycle seats especially have been created to support excess weight, with cushioning on the pelvic area and using shaped thigh cutouts to improve circulation and mobility while reducing pain and friction.

Whatever your size or shape, you shouldn’t feel left out of such an enjoyable experience as routine cycling. The health benefits, the greener aspects of not using gas, and a marked improvement over walking make it an excellent way to look after your health.

Here are five bicycle seats specifically designed for those packing a few extra pounds.

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Our Best Product Reviews and Comparisons

EDITOR’S CHOICE1. BIKEROO OVERSIZED COMFORT SADDLERetains shapeEasy to cleanAdded suspensionUniversal mounting rails and saddle adapterLow frictionCHECK PRICE
RUNNER UP2. ZACRO GEL SADDLE BSO53Soft rideWeatherproof materialSturdy suspensionPerspiration controlAttractive priceCHECK PRICE
3. LUMINTRAIL OVERSIZE CYCLING SADDLEExcellent supportIncluded coverAdapts to classic and modern seat postsWaterproofedGel padding conforms to body shapeCHECK PRICE
4. INBIKE CRUISER BIKE SEATIncluded mount and installation toolGood ventilationInnovative designNon-absorbentHigh-density base lasts longerCHECK PRICE
5. PROVELO PLUS SIZE CYCLING SADDLETaillightCarry bagMounting tool and universal mountWeatherproof coverLarge ventilation holeCHECK PRICE

1.Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Saddle

Product Highlights

This seat not only offers some extra padding but absorbs impact to the tailbone with a dual spring suspension.


  • Vinyl cover
  • Synthetic foam filling
  • Spring suspension
  • Universal mounting rail

What We Like About Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Saddle

This seat’s foam filling makes it quick to dry and slow to lose shape, rendering it an ideal choice for extended or outdoor cycling.

What We Don’t Like About Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Saddle

This seat is shaped to support an upright posture that will make tilting forward for speed uncomfortable even in the short term.


  • Retains shape
  • Easy to clean
  • Added suspension
  • Universal mounting rails and saddle adapter
  • Low friction


  • Hard to bike quickly
  • Mounting rails will be unusable on some models

2.Zacro Gel Saddle BSO53

Product Highlights

Dual-density padding makes this seat conform to the pressure exerted by the tailbones to ease pain and improve endurance.


  • Gel and foam filling
  • Carbon steel suspension
  • Central groove to minimize perspiration
  • Weatherproofed and wear-resistant

What We Like About Zacro Gel Saddle BSO53

This seat uses both rubber foam and gel padding that makes it a combination of comfort measure and shock absorber, sparing the rider the bumps and jolts along their way.

What We Don’t Like About Zacro Gel Saddle BSO53

The proprietary Zacro mount and wrench are required, and installation can be tricky if either one is broken or lost.


  • Soft ride
  • Weatherproof material
  • Sturdy suspension
  • Perspiration control
  • Attractive price


  • Mounting wrench is required and not always packaged with the product
  • Relatively narrow saddle

3.Lumintrail Oversize Cycling Saddle

Product Highlights

This saddle has plenty of widths to fully support the spine and pelvis without getting in the way of pedaling


  • Included weatherproof cover
  • Broad seat for extra support
  • Gel cushion
  • Post and clamp adapters

What We Like About Lumintrail Oversize Cycling Saddle

This seat is as wide as possible without hindering leg motion, greatly improving user comfort over long rides or rough terrain

What We Don’t Like About Lumintrail Oversize Cycling Saddle

The undercarriage is not as precisely machined as on similar models, and may require a certain amount of adjustment before use.


  • Excellent support
  • Included cover
  • Adapts to classic and modern seat posts
  • Waterproofed
  • Gel padding conforms to body shape


  • Adapters can be too wide apart
  • Seat width may hamper larger cyclers

4.INBIKE Cruiser Bike Seat

Product Highlights

This seat’s canted design makes for a comfortable experience for riders of any size or anatomy.


  • Softened cushion for level riding
  • Multiple antiperspirant grooves
  • Canted seat
  • Double spring suspension

What We Like About INBIKE Cruiser Bike Seat

In this seat, an upwards cant and large cutout are used to ensure rider comfort no matter what size or shape.

What We Don’t Like About INBIKE Cruiser Bike Seat

The padding in this seat is only rubber foam, which does not conform to the body’s shape as well as a gel cushion


  • Included mount and installation tool
  • Good ventilation
  • Innovative design
  • Non-absorbent
  • High-density base lasts longer


  • No gel padding
  • Unfamiliar shape may be uncomfortable to users

5.Provelo Plus Size Cycling Saddle

Product Highlights

This seat comes with a number of modern features, including a rechargeable taillight and carrying bag.


  • Integrated LED taillight
  • Rubber suspension moves and recovers more easily than metal
  • Adjustable seat angle
  • Memory foam cushion

What We Like About Provelo Plus Size Cycling Saddle

Buyers will get not only the seat but a number of accessories with it, such as the removable and rechargeable taillight and a weatherproof cover.

What We Don’t Like About Provelo Plus Size Cycling Saddle

This seat uses dense memory foam, which will conform to the body’s shape once but may be hard to adjust later.


  • Taillight
  • Carry bag
  • Mounting tool and universal mount
  • Weatherproof cover
  • Large ventilation hole


  • Dense cushion does not adapt well to body shape
  • Adjustable seat mount can be hard to fix in place, tipping the rider forward or back.

Final Verdict

With these seats, it matters less whether you are in shape or want to be. Cycling is for everyone, even those who may need to shed a few pounds.

Whatever model you choose, take care to examine your bicycle first and ascertain what kind of seat mount it has and whether your choice is compatible. It may be worth the time to find the owner’s manual and check the exact measurements of the bicycle to avoid purchasing an incompatible seat.

While cycling, remember to stop and stretch if you begin to feel numbness or pain in the ‘sit bones’, as they are known among the biking community. These sensations indicate excess pressure from the seat, and although minor at first, should not be allowed to develop further.

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