Best Outdoor Patio Heaters Reviews (Propane And Other)


Patio heaterAs summer gets closer to its end, it is time to start thinking about heating options for fall and winter.

If you have a patio, you will want to enjoy it even after the summer is over, but that can be difficult as temperatures continue to drop into the later months of fall.

One way to extend the life and usefulness of your patio is to invest in a quality Propane Patio Heater to help keep your outdoor area warm even as the air gets cooler into the night.

This allows you to continue to entertain friends and family and not worry about being underdressed!

The best patio heater 2019 is not an easy discussion, as there are many great products on the market right now. That’s why we have put together a list of Patio Heater reviews to help you determine which one is the best for your patio.

If you want to keep the summer of 2019 going into the fall and early winter, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to purchase a nice patio heater!

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze (Propane Patio Heater)

This is a simple but stylish patio heater that takes up a minimal amount of space while managing to provide plenty of heat for even the largest patios.

With 46,00 BTUs of output, you’ll have no problem staying warm even on the chilliest autumn nights. It includes a tip-over protection system which ensures that it won’t fall over or cause any hazards as you are enjoying your time outside.

In the rare event that it does tilt even the slightest bit, there is a safety auto-shut off valve that will keep you safe.

It has an easy ignition system, lighting at the push of a button, and includes wheels for simple movement and storage.

It runs on a standard 20lb propane tank, providing up to 10 continuous hours of light and heat.


  • Dimensions: 18 x 33 x 89 inches
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • 46,000 BTU output
  • Bronze finish
  • Movement wheels included
  • Tip-over protection system
  • Piezo automatic ignition system

Amazon Basics Commercial Patio Heater

Amazon Basics always offers impressive home items, and this patio heater is no exception.

Made with commercial-grade stainless-steel construction, this sturdy but slim patio heater delivers plenty of heat for any outdoor area and is sure to be a fantastic addition to your home or commercial patio.

Offering 46,000 BTUs of output, there is no question about the ability of this wonderful device to keep you warm throughout the fall and winter.

It even has an auto shut-off tilt valve that will turn off the flame in the event of emergency, keeping your friends and family safe from harm.

A wheel assembly is included to make for simple transport and storage, no matter what time of year that you want to use this.

The stainless-steel appearance makes for a classy and sophisticated aesthetic that will complement any patio perfectly.


  • Dimensions: 33 x 18 x 89 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Commercial grade stainless-steel construction
  • Mobility wheels for easy transport
  • 46,000 BTU Output
  • 18-foot diameter heating capacity
  • Piezo automatic ignition system
  • Tip-over protection

Quartz Glass Tube Heater By AZ Propane Patio Heaters

AZ Patio Heaters gives you a unique, beautiful design with optimal functionality with this fantastic patio heater.

Using a 20-pound propane tank, you can heat this gorgeous Quartz Glass tower for up to 10 hours straight on the highest heat setting. If you don’t need it be that warm, you’ll get an even longer life out of it!

This has a sleek and modern yet versatile design that will add a wonderful ambiance to any outdoor setting. It includes wheels for easy mobility and delivers an impressive output of 40,000 BTUs.

This is one of the better-looking outdoor patio heaters we’ve seen, and it gives off excellent heat so that nobody will be left out in the cold when being entertained at your home!


  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 21 x 38.5 inches
  • Weight: 65.2 pounds
  • 40,000 BTU output
  • Mobility wheels included
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quartz Glass Tube
  • Automatic ignition system

Belleze 48,000 BTU Premium Propane Patio Heater

The Belleze premium propane patio heater is one impressive feat of construction!

This sleek machine provides 48,000 BTU of output, making sure to heat up to 175 square feet, or about a 15-foot radius.

This is perfect for large outdoor patios, allowing you to keep your guest warms throughout the year, depending on your location.

There is a weight bladder included that allows you to stabilize the unit if needed.

The variable-heat control knob lets you choose just how warm you want it to be, making ideal for those in volatile climates.

With an automatic shut-off mechanism in case of tilt, you can rest assured knowing that you will be safe at all times when you use this patio heater.

This model from Belleze is one of the best propane heater in our list.


  • Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 86.8 inches
  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • 48,000 BTU Output
  • Propane power source
  • 15’ radius of heat
  • Anti-tip mechanism
  • Water bladder for increased stability
  • CSA Certified
  • Hose and regulator included

AZ Patio Heaters Tall Stainless Steel (Propane Powered)

AZ Patio Heaters makes another appearance on our list, and it’s no surprise that this is another impressive device that will deliver optimal heat for your patio.

This 87-inch tall heater has a beautiful two-tone hammered bronze and stainless-steel finish, giving it a modern twist on a classic look that will prove to bring an exceptional aesthetic to your patio, no matter where you live.

This also has wheels for easy mobility, meaning you can move it across multiple patios or bring it in for storage without struggling in any way.

With 48,000 BTU output, this will keep your friends and family warm for hours even in the coolest weather, depending on where you live.

It also includes a small table, allowing those guests who love the warmth to stand near it and have a place for their drink or food.


  • Dimensions: 32 x 87 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 19.6 pounds
  • 48,000 BTU output
  • Propane powered
  • Wheels included for mobility
  • Tip-over protection
  • CSA approved
  • Burner cover and regulator included

Golden Flame Square Flame Commercial 46,000 Heater

Golden Flame enters the market with an individualistic square flame tube that is built with commercial strength.

Delivering 46,000 BTUs, this is one powerful machine that is sure to keep everyone warm during your biggest patio parties.

It includes wheels for easy mobility, allowing you to move it to wherever the party happens to be taking place without needing to employ multiple people to help.

With adjustable heat settings, this outdoor patio heater will work in mild summer nights all the way up to the chilliest autumn evenings.

With a quartz glass tube, you have a sophisticated look of elegance while providing maximum heat efficiency all night long.


  • Dimensions: 54.6 x 12.2 x .3 inches
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • 46,000 BTU output
  • Quartz glass tube
  • CSA approved
  • Auto-tilt shut-off system
  • Mobility wheels
  • 20-pound propane tank powered

Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

This impressive patio heater is tall, sleek, and easy on the eyes!

Crafted from high-quality steel and aluminum, this tall outdoor propane heater delivers a beautiful dancing flame that will catch the eyes of all of your guests while keeping them exceptionally warm during the cooler months!

It is weather-resistant, so you can use this heater all year long provided that your climate provides for that. With a 38,000 true BTU output, you’ll get plenty of heat in a 15-foot diameter, making this a perfect heater for patio get-togethers.

The built-in safety valve will shut off if the unit is tipped or tilted, keeping everyone save from harm. It has an automatic ignition, making it easy to turn on at any time, and wheels allow you to roll to wherever you may need the heat to go.


  • Dimensions: 54 x 34.5 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • 4” diameter flame
  • Ceramic-glass column
  • 15’ diameter heat range
  • Anti-tip base
  • Auto shut-off valve
  • Mobility wheels
  • 10-hour heat capacity

Propane Table  Heater By Fire Sense

Fire Sense makes another appearance on our list, this time with a compact, table top heater that is perfect for those with smaller patios.

Whether you have a picnic table or a glass-top outdoor table, this little device will sit safely atop and provide plenty of heat for all of the patrons.

With 10,000 BTUs of output, this is an excellent choice for those smaller city patios with minimal space.

With a state-of-the-art reflector grill, the heat from the unit is optimized, being redirected and enhanced for maximum output.

The grill guard keeps everyone safe, and the piezo electronic ignition makes this easy to fire up with minimal effort.

The stainless-steel finish gives a classic, elegant look and is sure to garner compliments from even your most accomplished guests.


  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 20.9 x 34.6 inches
  • Weight: 14.3 pounds
  • 10,000 BTU output
  • Raises temperature 10-25 degrees
  • 1-lb propane tank provides 3 hours of heat
  • Piezo automatic electronic ignition
  • Weighted Base
  • Auto shut-off tilt valve
  • Safety Grill guard

Garden Sun Floor Standing 41,000 BTU – Patio Heater

Garden Sun is a highly trusted name in heating devices, and this patio heater will impress even the savviest of outdoor enthusiasts.

With 41,000 BTUs, there is plenty of output to provide heat for a 15-foot radius. The safety tilt shut off valve is an enhance safety feature that makes sure nothing catastrophic happens in the rare event that this sturdy heater gets tipped.

A sleek, stainless steel aesthetic means that this matches with virtually any patio, and a thin profile keeps it out of the way of guests while giving them plenty of heat to stay warm, no matter where they are.

With an easy push button ignition system, you don’t have to waste precious time getting this device started.

Attached wheels allow you to effortlessly move this to another outdoor area or bring it inside for winter storage.

This is a fantastic heater to help extend the life of usability of your outdoor patio, even into the early winter months!


  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 87 inches
  • Weight: 40.6 pounds
  • 41,000 BTU Output
  • 175 square-foot or 15-foot heating radius
  • Anti-tilt safety valve
  • Sturdy base
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Weather-proof

AZ Patio Heaters HLDS032-B

This is another portable tabletop outdoor heater, this time from the well-trusted AZ Patio Heaters.

This is great for those with a smaller outdoor area or if you want to bring it to public places for picnics or to the homes of friends and family.

It has an 11,000 BTU output, so it is plenty strong to keep people warm around a picnic or dining table. With a burner screen guard and tip-over protection, your guests will be safe no matter what happens.

This is a convenient device that is very affordable and portable, making it great for vacations or small urban decks and patios.

It truly looks beautiful atop any table and will keep even the coldest of patrons warm as you enjoy meals and drinks in the autumn and winter months.


  • Dimensions: 20.9 x 37.8 x 20.9 inches
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • 11,000 BTU output
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Portable Propane Patio Heater
  • Weight plate for additional stability
  • Burner screen guard
  • Anti-tilt safety device

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