What Is The Best Pico Projector?

Have you ever wondered if someone would just get on and invent a projector for you to be able to quickly share your holiday pics in a quick and convenient way instead of everyone huddling around your phone?

Well, they have actually! It is called the Pico Projector and this nifty little device is the ideal companion for cameras, smartphones and smart pads. Just plug it anywhere, connect it to your preferred device and off you go. This amazing little projector can project onto a multitude of surfaces even down to an airplane food tray!

These handy little devices are small but can really pack a punch in terms of their visual capability. They are portable and light so as easy to put in your suitcase or bag as your phone.

The best Pico Projector will have a number of features and also depend on your needs so let’s have a look at what to look out for:

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Size Matters

Pico is actually from the word ‘small’ in Italian. You need a product like this precisely because it is small. However, not all products are the same kind of small so make sure that the projector you buy suits not only your visual needs but also how you will carry it around. If you get one that is too big, you will most likely end up leaving it in the cupboard.

Visual  Clarity

Let’s face it, if your pics or movies aren’t going to be shown in their very best light, you may as well just look at them on your device. So, for the best Pico Projector, you need to look for one which is HD ready with a good resolution.

Run Time

Battery life is also very important. Of source, it is just one of the considerations as you may be taking it around with other equipment and know that a power source is readily available. 

However, if you are using it with another small portable device alone, the chances are that you need to take as little with you as possible and have the battery last as long as possible. 

Easy to Set Up

You want this device to be as easy as possible to set up so this has to be a key consideration. No matter what you’re using it for, perhaps corporate presentations or impromptu social events, you don’t want to spend ages setting up the device and connecting it as your audience will lose interest. Read the customer reviews to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes they did.

Good Value

Good value doesn’t mean as cheap as possible but rather the best price for the best product. Have a budget in mind and then consider what you need this projector to do and for which purpose/s. This kind of forward planning will be invaluable to ensure you get what you need and not what a good salesperson is trying to sell you. You may also consider the length of the warranty offered.

For reviews of the best Pico Projectors currently on the market, go to The Best In Tech 

Happy viewing!

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