Best Zero Gravity Chairs (Heavy Duty Recliner For 2021 )


After a long day at work, you really want to be able to relax and unwind. Nothing beats sitting out on the patio or by the pool and relaxing with a cold beverage. One of the best ways to relax is to kick back in zero gravity chair and reclining back. There so many different models of these zero chairs and zero gravity recliners. They even make a heavy duty zero gravity chair for those heavy or extra large people.

Things To Consider While Choosing Zero Gravity Chairs

With there being so many different zero gravity chairs available on the market you may want to consider what exactly you are going to want to use the chair for. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Will the chair be able to be stored when not in use?
  2. Can it handle the weight of extra large people?
  3. Does it come with cup holders?
  4. Does it come in a variety of colors?
  5. How does it hold up to the weather?

Top 10 Picks

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair, Beige


The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is made from only the highest quality materials and features the unique zero gravity reclining system. The exclusive Textilene fabric is held in place using bungee cord giving it the additional comfortable feel. For added comfort, there is a padded headrest and lumbar support.

The key to the zero gravity chair is the dual clip, quick release reclining system for extra stress-relieving benefits. The frame is made from high strength tubular steel with a long last and ultra durable powder coating. The combination of the coated steel and the outdoor rated fabric makes it perfect for outdoor use, including at the beach.

The heavy-duty construction makes it perfect for those people who are a little on the heavy side since it has a weight capacity of 300 lb. It folds down to a compact 6.3″ wide in order to make it much easier to carry in your trunk. The Caravan Zero Gravity Chair, Beige is a great outdoor recliner for the backyard or the beach.

Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners – Pack Of 2


The fabric used in the seat is made from the indoor/outdoor textilene material and held onto the tubular steel with durable powder coating with an exclusive double bungee cord system.

The key to the comfort comes with zero gravity style recliner system that is designed to improve blood flow and helps to relax the muscles as you kick back and enjoy your favorite beverage. It also features a clip on the accessory table that holds two beverages and slot to hold a book or magazines. For extra comfort, there is a removable pillow that can be repositioned to support the head, neck or shoulders. It can also be completely removed.

The package includes two chair/recliners and it comes in several different colors sides the black. You can select also from other colors like burgundy, light blue, brown, gray and navy blue. This set of two Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners is perfect for the couple looking for a chair for relaxing on the patio or at the beach.

Best Choice Products Folding Zero Gravity Recliner


The Best Choice Folding recliners are made from lightweight yet very sturdy tubular steel frame with an ultra-durable powder coating. The lightweight and cool mesh fabric help to keep you cool even when the sun is beating down on it. The seating is held securely in place with a double set of elastic cords.

Best choice added a couple extra features for a bit of extra comfort including a canopy for keeping the hot sun out of your eyes, a clip on an accessory tray with two cup holders to hold your favorite beverage and slots to hold your phone and a magazine for reading. It also has an adjustable headrest that can be repositioned to create a unique degree of comfort.

The key to the zero gravity recliner is that it swings you into the zero gravity position as if you were floating and it locks itself in place and can be released with the flick of a clip on each armrest.

The Best Choice Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Chair is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a relaxing patio, poolside or beach longer.

Belleze Deluxe 2-Pack Zero Gravity Chairs


The Deluxe 2-Pack Zero Gravity Chairs & Folding Table w/Cup Holder Set comes two folding chairs and a matching folding table. All pieces feature heavy duty tubular steel construction and an ultra-durable powder coat finish that helps to prevent damage due rust or corrosion. The heavy duty mesh material helps to keep the chair cooler even when the sun is beating down on it.

The zero gravity design helps to improve circulation and relaxes your muscles as you recline back. The padded headrest adds an extra level of comfort behind your neck and it is repositioned if you need some additional support along your back. The heavy-duty seating material is held securely place by the dual elastic cord. The chairs and table fold down neatly in order to make it much easier to carry them if you are looking to take them to the beach.

The Belleze Deluxe 2-Pack  Set is perfect for two people to sit poolside, on the back patio or even at the beach.

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair – Best For Oversized People


The Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair From Timber Ridge is an extra large, heavy duty recliner that is capable of support overweight people up to 350 lb. The extra support comes from the heavy duty tubular steel frame, an extra durable polyester fabric which is held in place using the elastic bungee cord. The frame also includes an extremely durable powder coating that is designed to prevent corrosion and rusting.

The ergonomic zero-gravity system allows the chair to recline back fully back which helps to relieve the tension in your muscles and improves the blood circulation. The chair, when fully reclined is held in place by the quick release locking mechanism. The relocatable headrest is extremely comfortable and can be repositioned anywhere. The seating area is extra padded along with the headrest.

The Zero Gravity Patio Oversized Recliner is designed especially for those people needing extra strength and stability due to being overweight.

Best Choice Products 2-Person Chair Patio Lounger


The 2-Person Double Wide Zero Gravity Chair is an amazing piece of engineering. Designed with both strength and comfort in mind with the ability to hold two average sized people comfortably. The key is the ergonomic zero gravity reclining system that raises the legs and lowers the upper body as if you were floating in the air. Once in the fully reclined position it locks securely and can be released by clicking the quick-release under each of the armrests.

The heavy duty all tubular steel frame has a durable powder coating that will both keep it looking great and prevent any rusting or corrosion. The ultra comfortable and yet extremely strong mesh material of the seating area allows the air to flow through it to keep it cool. The extra strong elastic bungee cord helps to keep the fabric of the seating area in place while allowing it to give in all the right places.

The oversized padded headrest gives both people sitting in the chair an extra degree of comfort. There is a clip on the accessory table with a cupholder and slots for your phone and magazine. The chair folds down to a more compact size in order for it to be packed in your trunk or cargo area of your SUV.

ANCHEER Zero Gravity Chair


The Ancheer Zero Gravity Chair is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation for your body. The key to it is the multi-adjustable zero-gravity system that raises the legs and lowers the upper torso. This position helps to both improve circulation and relieves muscle tension and the combination delivers maximum effectiveness of the zero gravity system.

The heavy duty and all steel frame and powder coat finish help to keep it look great and prevents any rust or corrosion. The heavy-duty seating material is both strong and lightweight which helps to keep it cooler. The seating fabric his held in place using the extra elastic cord that gives in all the right places and yet remains secure in all the necessary areas.

The zero gravity system is simple to use and it locks itself in place when the chair is fully reclined in the zero gravity position. In order to release it, you have to disengage the two quick release mechanism.

The Ancheer Zero Gravity Chair comes in four stylish colors,  anyone should easily be able to fit in with your decision.

Best Choice Products –  Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners – 2 Pack


The Best Choice Products Set of 2 Recliners are made from only high-quality materials and the zero gravity reclining system delivers the perfect amount of relaxation that every couple deserves after their busy day. They are foldable so they could easily be packed into the car and taken to the beach or stored in the garage or shed when not in use.

The seating area features an UV-resistant mesh material that is held in place and self-adjusts with the weight of the person sitting in the chair up to its 250-pound limit. The replaceable elastic cords are what holds the seat to the tubular steel frame. The zero gravity system is highly adjustable depending on the level of relaxation and muscle relief you are looking for and it locks securely in the fully reclined position. There is a quick release clip located under each armrest.

APEX LIVING All Seasonal Lounge Recliner Adjustable


This Zero Gravity Chair Lounge Recliner is a unique multi-seasonal lounger. The removable suede pad helps to keep you warmer during the cooler months and it can be stored during the summer months. During the warmer months, the mesh material is much more comfortable with the pad. The padded pillow can be moved around in order to get the best support for your neck and lumbar areas.

The frame is made from high strength tubular steel and the powder coating help to make it look great and prevents rust and corrosion. The mesh seating is held in place using the elastic cords which also is self-adjusting. The zero gravity system is designed to help provide the person who sits in it the much-desired relaxation and improved circulation.

Belleze Anti Gravity Chair, Set of 2, Adjustable Recliner Chair


The Belleze Anti Gravity Chair is made using only the highest quality materials to ensure that it is strong enough to handle the elements and yet still be comfortable. The zero gravity system is perfect for the patio, poolside or even the beach as it has you virtually floating in the air as you relax your troubles away. In the fully reclined position, your legs are raised and your upper torso is lowered helping to improve circulation and ease the tension in your muscles.

The heavy duty all tubular steel frame and lightweight fabric of the seating area puts your body secured state of comfort by adjusting itself around your body using the elastic cords that hold it to the frame. There is also a adjust headrest that can be repositioned as a lumbar support as well.

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